Help Connecting the GE 12722

So i bought a couple of the GE 12722 smart switches and i am trying to install them but the the light switches that are currently conected only have 2 black wires. All of the white wires are bundled together and so are the grounds i have checked every single light switch in my apartment and they are all the same. Can someone please help me figuire out how to wire my GE 12722

Please see step 10 in the instruction manual and the drawing in the box on the top right of picture 3.

Your GE switches require a neutral. Lucky for you, you have them. Those are all the white wires that are bundled together. You may need to get another short white wire to connect from your switch to all the other white wires that are bundled together. The other two black wires should connect in the same way as your old switches.

Ok thank you very much for the fast response. I was a little confused i am new to hone automation and the community.

It goes without saying that when working with electricity, please have a healthy respect for it. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, get advice from an expert who can see your exact situation.

And welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I have worked with electricity but i had never encountered with wiring like this