Help connecting keyed automatic pool cover switch

Hi all,

I am attempting to convert my manual/key operated pool cover switch into a smart device + RF using the Sonoff 4chpro and I could use some help to confirm I’m going about this the right way. I have only basic electrical wiring experience (outlets, doorbells, dimmers), but I am keen :slight_smile:

Currently the mechanical key switch that operates the electric pool cover engine is a momentary contact with 3 poisitons (OPEN, OFF and CLOSE).

Inside the key-switch box are two ge contact switches, I believe they are both NO. I have attached pictures below.

My current understanding is that I would set the 4ch pro to interlocked + inching mode, in order to replicate momentary contact behavior. Then plug the wires from the two old contact blocks into two of the 4ch pro relays per the AC motor diagram here.

Could anyone confirm I am correct, or if you are feeling particularly generous, scrawl a diagram?

Here’s a set of images showing the current wiring. FYI the motor for the cover is 120v 6.5 amp max.