Hello I need abit of advice and if I should get the Samsung Smart Hub (UK)

When I started my Smart home I started with hive so I have around 5 hive light bulbs a motion sensor and a hive thermostat.
Along with that I have a broadlink pro 4
A d bot robot vacuum
Sonoff Wifi ceiling fan
And some smartlife plugs and a couple of light bulbs

So I have been looking into getting a smart hub to take the stress off my wi-fi I just want to know the Samsung Smart Hub the the best choice with its supporting zigbee etc.
Can I add the devices I already have to my Samsung Smart Hub if I get one or if not can I get round it by using i f t t t.
I know if I get the Smart Hub but then I can get get non Wi-Fi light bulbs and motion sensors like zigbee stuff so any advice would be be very grateful.
Ihope this Makes sense supose im trying to say would it be worth it I have allot of Auto scenes and can Iget them to all work together

Smartthings handles zigbee devices great.
Smartlife has direct integration
Hive does not have integration unless they are zigbee (there is a device handler for zigbee bulbs)
Broadlink does not have integration
Sonoff only has zigbee device integration

Ifttt is now subscription based, if your OK with paying for subscription then ifttt can be useful, ST will eventually be more convenient to you but in the short term some devices might not work easily

Also finding an ST hub at the moment might not be too easy, Amazon might have a bit of stock, vesternet might have the new Aeotec ST hubs

The new Aeotec hub has been released for order on both Amazon Germany and Amazon UK, but delivery may take a couple weeks.

The models are slightly different because the UK version comes with a UK power plug.


JD, would it be possible to semi use ST and Alexa for the Broadlink 4, if an Alexa virtual contact sensor was created, that could then be leveraged to run an alexa routine to fire a Broadlink command in Alexa… I think

Assuming Jay has an Alexa

I don’t think Alexa and Broadlink work together that way, as I understand it only the TV control features are in the broadlink Alexa skill.

there are people who have created integrations between broadlink and SmartThings, but it’s pretty complicated. You can search the forum and find those.

However, as of about 10 months ago broadlink introduced IFTTT integration, so that would probably be the easiest way now, although I don’t know exactly which features are in the integration. Also, there is a monthly subscription fee for IFTTT if you create more than three rules.

thank you very muCh so what im getting is it Would be better in the long Run

…So I have been looking into getting a smart hub to take the stress off my wi-fi I just want to know the Samsung Smart Hub the the best choice…

I’ll keep things ‘forum friendly’ by simply answering a very, very definite no to your question. Not at all. I’d suggest it’s actually the worst choice. Take a look around here to decide for yourself why.

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you mind me Ask ing Why ?

I sent you a private message at the same time as I posted.

Just purchased a Broadlink 4 mini for a few devices that use IR, oddly Broadlink does not surface devices within Alexa as devices, if you create a device within the Broadlink app it is created as a remote, not a device, which kind of makes sense but does not immediately help with controlling devices either within ST or Alexa

But… as is usual there are more ways than one to skin a rabbit

To make Broadlink devices/controls/remotes useable as a smart home device in Alexa, create a basic on/off scene within the Broadlink app, once saved this will immediately appear within Alexa, assuming the user has managed to connect the Broadlink app to Alexa, again done within the BL app, once a scene is created you can then use the scene created within BL app and auto found by Alexa as an action in Alexa
When this happens > voice > fireplace on.
Add action > smarthome > control scene > select your BL created scene

So that makes IR devices voice or automation accessible within alexa

To gain Smartthings control the user needs to have created an Alexa virtual switch/contact sensor within Smartthings or the IDE, Alexa will then see this device and as above it can then be selected within Alexa as a (when this happens)
Virtual switch on/off
BL scene on/off

Clunky but do able, always reliable, not 100% as Smartthings does throw issues with Alexa integration from time to time but I do not count IR integration as reliable in any shape or form, if something stops the IR signal things get out of sync, on/off buttons also get out of sync so although control is possible full and reliable control from other platforms will never be ideal

That is why my post above says an ST hub will eventually be useful to you, things need to be understood and learned, there is very little available at present that is as good as ST, Hubitat is without doubt usefull but it also has drawbacks, and for the everyday user those drawbacks will be the deciding factor between the 2

I have used ST for 4 or 5 years, with the exception of odd devices going wonky for short terms reliability has been 99%, the new app stinks but hey, what can you do

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