Hello Home when someone arrives... and someone is already home

I guess I’m missing this option and I’m wondering if someone has written a smart app to handle this already.

I’ve made two Hello Home routines to trigger actions using the “Someone Arrived” option, however this is only triggered if everyone is away from the house… meaning if I or my wife are already home at night and someone arrives, the outside lights stay dark… though it works perfectly if we’re both gone together and come home at the same time.

How do I fix this? I want to do a hello home action (unlock doors, turn on lights, ect) when ANYONE comes home and have it be NOT dependent on the current occupancy of the home.

I was thinking about writing a quick smart app, but this has to be such a common use case that someone else has already written it… I think.

Any suggestions?

Yep, it’s called Rule Machine.

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I support this shameless plug. Thanks a ton!

It seems a lot more robust than I need for my little request, but I’m installing it now.

Ya, but everyone has their own little request, little need for an odd automation. So, that’s what it does, create little automations.