Arriving home action (when no one else there)

I have not been able to figure out how to do this – and it seems like it’s useful enough that it should be easy to do.

What I want to do is turn on certain lights when I or my wife arrives home at night – but only if no one is currently at home. That is to say, if my wife is coming home late and I’m not there (as determined by the presence of our smart phones) I want certain lights to automatically come on.

How can this be done (and if can’t, why not?)


The Hello Home! action “I’m Back” should do what you want by default; if not, set the I’m Back action to ONLY work when the house is in the “Away” mode (nobody is home).

I just created this app yesterday that may be what you need.

When someone arrives and it’s dark at a certain lux sensor, turn on certain lights. I use SmaertWeather Tile as light/dark indicator.

I find it useful to turn on the light regardless if anyone else is present If one person is sleeping upstairs, I still want the light to be on downstairs when someone else arrives.

I use this all the time. In your Good Bye mode set to perform when Everyone Leaves and pick the appropriate presence fobs. Set I’m Back to When Someone Arrives and again choose the appropriate presence sensors. I also set the door to unlock, a light to come on for 5 minutes and the furnace to turn up. The door is also set to automatically lock after 15 minutes if someone forgets. This is only set to work in home or away mode.
I also have a I’m Back Night which does the same thing but only activates in night mode; I skip turning the furnace on.

True, but it the default Hello Home apps don’t take luminosity into consideration. I don’t want the lights to turn on when I arrive in the middle of the day.