Hello, Home - Someone Arrives - Time based event

I have a few different modes based on when I am home, that are time of day based. I’d like to make sure that when I return, I can jump to the right mode. It seems that if I add a few Hello, Home commands that auto fire when ‘Someone arrives’, but are limited to specific windows of time I could achieve this, but it I can’t seem to figure out how to set this in the app. Is there a SmartApp to add this function within Hello, Home?

I have been toying with this too… the best I can do so far is to have a full set of parallel home and away modes for different times of day, and trigger each based on either timed Hello, Home events, or arrival/departure Hello, Home events depending on what mode I’m currently in.

Something like:

It’s an organizational mess, but it should work…

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Did you take a look at Tim’s Magic Home SmartApp? Not sure if it’s what your looking for or not.

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So are you pulling this off with a series of conditional modes, ie don’t change if your in these modes so it only changes from away night to home night if you’re in away night? Does sound messy but if it works might be good enough.

I tried this smartapp but it gave me errors just trying to save it in IDE. I posted in that thread about it, no response for a solution yet.

I’ll give the magic home a try

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Haha that’s my app too. Older version of the Magic Home. I deleted all those old posts. For the future look to my GitHub for code.

It was working great with a much simpler version (a total of 4 modes)… I’m in the middle of rebuilding all of the logic and expanding it to 12 modes (early morning, morning, daytime, evening, night, late night; and home/away for all of those). So far, it is every bit as annoying as you’re imagining it to be! I have a spreadsheet going to try to track all of the logic, but the app is so darn slow.

Boy, I really wish something like this was built into ST.