Hello, Home Phrase Director - Control modes (through hello home phrases) based on occupancy and "sun state"

This sounds great! When I try and create the SmartApp I get the following error however.

startup failed: script14166061520641161668770.groovy: 17: unexpected token: Home” @ line 17, column 18. name: “Magic Home”, ^ 1 error

Any thoughts?

Just tested on the IDE. Worked fine for me.

@tslagle13 Hey Tim, I seem to be getting a push notification whenever your app runs a mode transition. Any idea if that’s built in or if I can turn it off?

Push settings are built into the app already. If you don’t want them turn them off

Oops! I saw that option but didn’t realize I needed to select No. Assumed it was the default. Thanks Tim!

Turn off push notifications when your home… It’s an option in the app

Warning, rookie question here. How does a ST rookie install this from GitHub?


Its a SmartApp, go to the IDE : https://graph.api.smartthings.com/login/auth

Then click on My SmartApps, + New SmartApp, From Code, then Paste Tim’s code in from his Github, Create, Save, Publish (for me).
Force close your ST App and when you restart it use the: + sign, MyApps, and select the Magic Home app.

It’s not the easiest thing to do but searching this forum gives lots of info.

Hey @tslagle13, any update on STs approval of your app yet?

@tslagle13 , I submitted some apps back in July and they haven’t been looked at yet. Did you need to poke someone to get them to review your apps?

No action on my end either:(

You said that ST rejected the app, so they must have looked at it?

They rejected it… I re submitted nothing since then

This is really helpful for me since most of the events I want to automate fall into the 4 states in the app. For events outside of that I either have a simple schedule, like turning on my porch light at sunup or waking things up. I think of these events as either not presence based or a subset of one of those four app states, which I think can help others think of the easiest way to maintain their automation without being constrained by using only the four app states.

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So I might be a little confused with this app but it looks like it is trying to run a hello home phrase rather than setting a mode or do I need to create a home phrase to set the mode? I might be over thinking it but I like the idea of setting 1 of 4 different modes to control my automations based on if people are already home. I need to add a virtual presence if possible for a babysitter so lights stay on when both the wife and I are away.

line up a hello home phrase and create corresponding modes and you’ll be all set. getting a presence sensor for the babysitter would probably be the easiest solution.

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Thanks that is actually what I figured out after I posted. I am wondering if a person could add a switch to the code to monitor for on and off like the presence to handle the babysitter or visitor problem. It would be nice to create a switch that could be flipped to on that the code would recognize and treat like someone is home. Just a thought as getting a presence sensor for all those people would be a challenge.

You probably need a “Manual” mode. Let Magic Home run on all modes except “Manual”.


So the app needs input for home-day and home-night, why is there no input for away-day and away-night?

Also, input for “zip code” is only numeric. There is no way to enter postal code (Canada).

That might actually work, I will have to see if you can set such a limitation to it or figure a work around I was thinking of buying a presence sensor and putting it in the diaper bag so more than likely it would be home with the babysitter whom ever that might be. It didn’t solve the problem for when guests come over but did take care of a majority of the issues. If I can create a manual override that would be the best option and cheaper