Sunrise / Sunset functionality broken

Just curious who else is having issue and are you using the Home Phrase Director" app?

Check this thread…

Yes, I’ve been active in that thread.

I started another because I wanted to see if the problem was home phrase director centric or if those not using that all also had issue.

Same issues today, same app. This app ran flawless for months now. Seriously doubt it is the culprit.

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Yes, I agree. It’s surface logic is too simple to cause issue all of the sudden.

Supports said to toggle the settings to something different and save then open again and toggle back and save.

I thought that worked at 1st but no dice.

I changed the app to Magic Home (to see it was a problem of the subscription to sunrise/sunset), and worked. I will get back to Hello Home Phrase Director to see if it is working.


Yes please let us know

I did the same but only because I could no longer find “Hello Home…” app under “My Apps”. By the look of it I can’t tell the differences between the two

I’m having the same problem with other apps that rely on Sunrise / Sunset, as well as RunIn() commands are firing early…

One that is set to run in 1200 seconds is running in 300

I seem to be having similar issues but my lights are firing inconsistently and not staying on long enough.

Its extremely annoying.

Aug 28, 2015
No incidents reported.

The status page is a lie huh?

same issues or issues relating to it not working.

Yup, I have a schedule setup for a light not firing when it should. No record in the log to indicate it even tied.
I have a motion detector turning on lamps in the middle of the day but to ST credit, it turns it on from sunset till 11PM as well. :unamused:

I’m having a problem with another app that relies on sunrise/sunset. I am also having a problem with Home Phrase Detector like everyone else. Uninstalling the apps and re-installing them seemed to solve the problem, but not permanently. It all started after last weekend’s upgrade.

Same for me.

Uninstall / reinstall solved it until the next sunrise / sunset event when it failed again.

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I have an app that I created that saves the last mode so that I can ignore transitions between Home and Night. The app responds to all other transitions. This app started acting up last weekend. It failed last Sunday and of course failed today. The variable always contains the last mode, but I only evaluate the contents of the variable for transitions between Home and Night. I ignore the variable for all other transitions. Monday through Friday appeared to work only because of the time that my wife and I leave for work (causing a transition from Night to Away). So I decided to try and figure it out. Here’s what I found:

The variable that I use to store state (state.lastMode) always said Night. It was not updating. All of the debug statements showed that the routine was executing correctly. It appears as if when the mode changed from Night to Home and state.lastMode = location.mode executed, location.mode still contained the value Night, not Home as expected (this messes it up for the next transition). The variable evt.value does contain the correct value. It’s like its a timing issue. If I touch the app, which saves the current state to state.lastMode, it is always correct. Since the transition has already occurred, the “timing issue” doesn’t present itself in this situation.

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Still broken for me…how about everyone else?

Mine’s been working well for a couple of days.

Did it just start working again on it’s own or did you change something?

Started working on it’s own. I suspect the problem was related to their platform upgrades in preparation for v2 (Hub and App). I did touch the apps that use sunrise/sunset (maybe that fixed it or helped).