Hello, Home does not recognize garage door


Has anybody had any issues where Hello, Home modes will not find Garage Doors you already have set up?

I have a garage door configured with a tilt sensor & relay switch. The app shows it correctly in Doors & Locks and I can open it or close it. I even have it set up to open when I arrive and close when I leave.

I want to set my ‘goodnight’ hello, home mode to close the garage door if I left it open. The option is there, but when I go go select my garage door it says that there are none available.

Any suggestions on how to resolve? Thanks!

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Hi Brady,

Support@SmartThings.com can probably walk you through some diagnostic steps and check your account for various Devices and such better than I can, so be sure to send them an email while you wait for responses from the Community.

Meanwhile, can you go to: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/location/installedSmartApps/
(If the direct URL doesn’t work after login, then go to: My Locations, and select SmartApps on the left side:

Ironically, this isn’t the Devices list for your account but it will have a “Solutions” section where all your Shortcuts are listed (if the shortcuts have been created and haven’t had a problem of some sort). I think that Hello Home actions depends on a Locks & Doors Shortcut to exist for your Garage Door in order to work.

The Solutions sections looks something like this:

Notice that my “Spare Tilt Switch” (at the very bottom) shows up even though I don’t have any SmartApps or Hello Home actions associated with it.

I don’t know if this will start you on a path to resolution, but it would be the first step I take to diagnose my account. Good-luck!


Thanks for the information!

Doesn’t look like that was the problem. I do have a proper Locks & Doors shortcut associated with the garage which works perfect for opening it. I confirmed this by looking at the screen you mentioned (thanks!)

I’ve ended up going a different way and automating everything through the SmartRules iOS application and using Hello, Home phrases for user triggered actions that I want in my iOS Today widget. Seems to be working out perfect for me know.

Not sure why it wasn’t showing up for me, but I’ve at least eliminated my need for it.

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Sounds like a bug Brady. If you haven’t already email us at support@smartthings.com - we’ll make sure the right people see it.

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I talked with an engineer and the issue is likely with the device type. I would double check whether the tilt sensor is set up as a z-wave window/door sensor. If so, if you change that to a SmartSense Garage Door Sensor Button or Z-Wave Garage Door Opener, you should then see it as an available option.

(Luis Cantu) #6

I am having the exact same issue. I can control may garage door open/close and get proper status updates from the garage sensor but hello home does not recognize the garage door.

I have tried changing the garage door tilt sensor from zwave window/door sensor to zwave garage door opener or smartsense garage door sensor button.

When i change it to garage door sensor button hello home does recognize my garage door but i can no longer control the open/closing on the door, for this i have to revert it back to z-wave door/window sensor.

Im using a linear fs20z-1 as a garage door relay and a monoprice garage door sensor pid 11987.

any hint on what else could i try?