Heatmiser Neo Heating System

I would love to see the Heatmiser Neo system integrated with ST (presumably via their neoHub). As well as quality underfloor heating and hot water smart home control, they now offer electric plug socket controls too. This would be a great alliance in the U.K.

Heatmiser offer an API… https://www.heatmiser.com/en/custom-integration-2/

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I think this would be a WIN WIN alliance for both SmartThings and Heatmiser!!!

Heatmiser would get exposure to many ready made smart home customers for their great Heatmiser Neo system. SmartThings would get some great Heating based devices added to their UK portfolio!!!

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For total clarity, please everyone who is interested in seeing Heatmiser Neo integrate with SmartThings… please vote here: http://support.heatmiser.com/i26-integration-with-smartthings

Just letting you know - it’s not just UK related discussion, Heatmiser thermostats are popular in Australia and NZ
And I have 8 Neo thermostats in my home!