Have one light switch trigger another light?

Is it possible to have one z-wave light switch trigger another light to turn on as well? We have some front porch lights as well as lights on our garage. I can’t think of a time when I’d turn on the front porch lights and not also want the garage lights on. I’d like to find a way so that when I hit the switch for the porch lights the garage lights turn on as well. Is this possible?

Search for the app “big switch”

Thanks, I found it right after posting. Guess I should of looked first :slight_smile: Lesson learned.

no big deal. I think the issue is it’s hard to find the app you want unless you happen to know what it’s named.

Most Z-Wave switches can control “groups”. This is done through direct association of Z-Wave devices and does not involve SmartThings hub or apps, meaning that once you create a group, it will work regardless of the SmartThings hub connected to Internet or not. See here for more info: http://www.vesternet.com/us/resources/technology-indepth/groups-scenes-associations

Unfortunately, the SmartThings hub doesn’t support setting direct associations yet, so you’ll have to use a third-party device to setup the direct associations (eg. switch on wall triggers different device).

Alternatively, you can use a SmartApp like The Big Switch which can introduce a considerable delay and requires the SmartThings hub to be available (eg. it doesn’t work if the Internet connection gets lost).

You can pick up the Aeon Labs Minimote for ~$45 and follow the steps in the post linked below to setup direct associations:

Coming from the Vera line of products, direct association is one of the many things I miss in the ST Hub.