Hausbell smart WiFi plug

FYI it seems you can now control the SmartLife plug device directly via IFTTT rather than having to rely on a scene. At least I am able to do so now, whereas just last week I had to use a scene. The plug now shows up in the SmartLife IFTTT Applet device list.

Thanks for these instructions. I was able to use them to make a Omoton WiFi outlet work in SmartThings using the Smart life and ifttt apps. A scene was not necessary in smart life.

Thanks for your info! I got a jinvoo outlet for christmas and your steps helped me integrate them easily!

Does it report on/off status to SmartThings??

I have a scenario (3-step touch dimmer) where I need to be able to tell Alexa to turn off an outlet… then if the outlet reports status as Off, have SmartThings turn it back On.

EDIT: got it, for now. Via ifttt, associating the outlet with a simulated switch.

I tried having it work in ifttt without touching SmartThings, but no go. So I made a Routine in ST that, if it detects the simu-switch has turned off, turns it back on… and ifttt picks that up and turns ithe Outlet back on.

Works like a charm. Thank you

When I try this approach I get the following in SmartThings when I click the newly created tile (and IFTTT is not triggered).

“Cannot connect to device. Check device and try again.”

any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

I figured it out. In Smartthings I needed to choose the “Simulated Switch” device type.

i followed your steps, but i still can get the outlet to show up under smartthings in IFTTT. I tried both as the On/Off Button tile and as the Simulated Switch

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

This worked perfectly for me for my Gosund outlet plugs…THANK YOU for helping out a home automation rookie