Has anyone tried to connect Boatcommand with Smartthings?

See boatcommand.com. handy little device I use on my boat to keep an “eye” on critical systems that would be nice to integrate into Smartthings, which I use for monitoring the “less than critical” systems.

I don’t understand. Why would you want to tie them together? And how would you propose doing so?

Thanks for asking, Ryan. Main thing would be to create a virtual thermostat with the bilge temperature sensor on the Boatcommand to turn on a bilge heater with Smartthings when needed. Not super important, just would be nice-to-have. Boatcommand gives me monitoring capabilities even if the boat loses shore power (which would knock out Smartthings).

I think, in this case, adding SmartThings would be adding possible points of failure. With Boatcommand and an automatic bilge heater, you’ve got everything you’d need. It looks like the system could be configured to show if the heater is actually running. I try to limit my cloud dependencies.

Smartthings can be battery backed up, so it’ll also run off a 12V adapter, I believe. But unless you have constant internet access, Smartthings might not be the best solution.

“Control lighting, ac/heater and more” says BoatCommand’s website.

Thanks for the replies. Seems like there isn’t a way to “connect” them, so I may try to power my Smartthings from the battery and just have the two monitoring systems. Thanks!