Has anyone gotten the java-ratpack-guice-smartapp sample to run

I am trying to get the java-ratpack-guice-smartapp sample running as a starting point to developing my own apps using the new development environment. I’ve imported the sample into Eclipse and have figured out what libs I needed to add to get it running. No matter what I do the app always produces the following error [ratpack-compute-1-1] ERROR r.e.i.DefaultDevelopmentErrorHandler - 405 client error for request to /

I’ve followed the instructions here. Here is a list of specific questions / things that don’t seem correct.

  1. Item 7 under “Create SmartApp” says a public key should be returned. But this never happens. And, the Hosting a WebHook endpoint says the public key is deprecated. If I follow the instructions in the Confirmation Lifecycle section and put the confirmation url in a browser window the SmartApp seems to get successfully registered. Has something changed and are the instructions (and possibly the app) in need of updating?
  2. The App seems to expect the incoming post request to go to /smartapp but when I look in the ngrok console the path is just /. Why is that?

Any help would be appreciated. I am just completing the development of a binding for Smartthings to openHAB, the open source home automation system. It is written in Groovy and uses the Classic app. Ultimately I would like to replace that with a Java version that I could integrate into openHAB.

Thanks for any help.

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