Has anyone found outdoor-rated PAR38 ZigBee bulbs?

I few years ago, I bought 4 Sylvania Lightify outdoor ZigBee flood (PAR38) bulbs to light my backyard. Two have started to fail so I went to the intertubes to find replacements but it seems there is no such thing anymore. I see lots of wifi options but it’s my understanding SmartThings supports only a limited number of wifi devices. I also see plenty of smart PAR38s but none are rated for outdoor use. This leaves me with two questions:

  1. Is anyone using outdoor wifi PAR38 bulbs directly with ST?
  2. Does anyone know where a guy can buy dimmable outdoor ZigBee PAR38 bulbs?

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

Hue and sengled both have outdoor versions in par38.

Philips makes outdoor rated PAR38s now. Use with the Hue bridge or you do risk messing up your Zigbee network. IP44

And Sengled has one that has a built-in motion sensor and is supposed to work with smartthings. Not quite sure how all of that works together, though:

I’m sure there are some others, but those are the first ones that come to mind.

And it looks like Home Depot is still carrying the Sylvania if you just want to replace those:

However, they can no longer be shipped to California due to some changes in state environmental laws.

By the way, if you are OK with getting your integration through an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine) and you want a really bright light, ring has outdoor PAR 38 which are 1500 lm. Noticeably brighter than any of the others. You do have to get their bridge as it’s a proprietary frequency. $70 for two bulbs and the bridge.

Thanks for the suggestions, @JDRoberts. I looked at the Sengled and while you can disable the motion detector, it doesn’t appear you can dim it (which I need but failed to mention in my original post.) Identical replacements for the bulbs I have now always show ‘out of stock’ at Home Depot but I did find a seller on Amazon that says it will have them back in stock in 2 weeks so I’ll buy replacements when (if) they become available. If they don’t have them in a few weeks, I’m going to go with Hue. Just one more thing to throw into the SmartThings/WebCoRE/Blue Iris/Alexa/IFTTT monster I’ve created. :smile:

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In stock on Feb 10

It really would be useful for everyone to maintain a list of currently available devices. I took on @JDRoberts’ suggestion and have made a start on the Things That Are Smart Wiki at https://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Category:Officially_supported_devices.

I can’t add more devices as I haven’t tried them but if other people add theirs then it could become a one stop shop to see what is available.

Only one PAR38 bulb so far but that is all that I have tried.

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