Harmony Home Control / Harmony Ultimate Automation with Smart Things

(Zack Stark) #1

This is directed at anyone that is using both smartthings and the harmony home control system either with or without the screen on the remote.

At 7am, I would like my receiver to turn on (select the correct input), turn on my xbox one (connected to cable box), turn on my tv and tune to a certain channel, and set the receivers volume to a certain level.

Alternately, it could just turn on my xbox one, which would turn on my tv, cablebox and receiver. It would then need to verify that the correct input is selected and volume/channel is adjusted to the correct one.

I was also thinking of doing the same thing with a sonos connect amp instead of the tv channel.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

You’re gonna have a problem here unless your receiver has network/serial control, and supports direct input for output level. Even then, Harmony can’t talk to serial devices, and most likely does not support the network command either.

(Zack Stark) #3

It’s a onkyo nr708 network receiver if that helps.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Regarding the volume, I have an onkyo pro pre/pro (serial and IP ports). It allows for setting the initial startup volume, this may be easier than interfacing with the serial or ip ports. In other words set the onkyo’s initial volume to be what you want in the morning.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #5

It does. Most networked receivers support this, and even if logitech does not, you can probably send the command directly from SmartThings.

(Zack Stark) #6

Interesting. Is there an existing smart device that allows interfacing with onkyo receivers? Is there a way I could turn on the Xbox without pressing a button. Maybe have sonos say “xbox on”. This would solve half of it.

(Brian Smith) #7

I have this set on my Onkyo so people aren’t based away when someone turns on the TV. It works well. In addition, if you had an initial volume set, should;t you be able to add some additional “key presses” to the action on the Harmony Remote that would include the volume up or down?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #8

Most likely, using the sendHub command to it’s local ip. I send commands to HAM Bridge running on my server from many SmartApps.

(Mike Maxwell) #9

Yea, probably, but I wouldn’t trust these additional key presses to reliably get you where you want…
The only real way to set it properly is via IP, Serial or the start-up default.
There isn’t any way to set a discreet volume level over IR…

(Brian Smith) #10

Oh, agreed. However, if you are using the IR transmitters and add the delay in, it is better than nothing. :smile:

(Zack Stark) #11

Where can I learn how to use smart commands, make apps, etc…?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #12

To get started click the ‘Developers’ link at the top right of this window. Once your in the IDE, and go to create your first SmartApp, you will see a list of examples on the right that you can load into your first SmartApp.

Documentation is not designed for the layperson however, so you’ll end up asking a lot of questions. Learn to use the search tool here first though; as much of it has been discussed before.