Harmony Activity with delay?


I would like to turn on a plug before my receiver when creating a activity. I have my hub connected to Smartthings and can control the plug manually on the remote however I can’t program the activity properly. The reason I am doing this is because I have a toddler and he would damage my received if I don’t unplug it.

My Routine: Watch in Sorround

  1. Turn on A/V receiver plug
  2. Delay 10 seconds
  3. Turn on Sony Receiver
  4. Change input to TV.

On shut down:

  1. Turn off Sony Receiver
  2. Delay 10 seconds
  3. Turn off A/V receiver plug.

Any help would be great.

Thank You,

I don’t think you can do it with a 10 second delay, but you could definitely do it with a one minute delay. I don’t know if that would meet your requirements or not. But someone asked a very similar question just a few days ago, so here’s the post:

Is the smart switch controlable via harmony? If so you could bake it into the harmony activity.

For example the activity flow on could be:

  1. Turn on smart plug
  2. Delay
  3. Set inputs and so on

Shut down would be the reverse:

  1. Turn Off source
  2. Turn Off receiver
  3. Delay
  4. Turn Off plug

Does that help?

The problem is probably that while home control devices like the SmartSwitch are controllable by harmony through the SmartThings integration, they are not part of the same command flow as entertainment devices.

I’m not sure of the exact sequence, but I know a lot of people have run into the problem.

I believe the home control devices are always processed last. I know you cannot add a delay to them through harmony. ( The original design clearly has to be intended for lights.)

Anyway, while as you point out it’s easy to add a delay into a harmony activity for entertainment devices, like making a channel change wait until you’re sure the television has come on, you unfortunately can’t use the same method for home automation devices.

Ah, I see, I was not aware of that limitation, but there is always a ‘smartthings work around’. How about an activity in harmony that turns on the power switch and then turns on a virtual switch in smartthings that triggers another harmony activity via IFTTT that launches what you want to watch.

The end sequence of the activity could finish up with turning the smart plug off.

Could you use CoRE and a Virtual Switch for Harmony Activities?

That’s a very smart way of looking at it.
I didn’t think about that…

But when someone spend $200+ on a universal remote this is a no brainer.
I email Harmony support for an answer and waiting.

Yep, that’s exactly what is described in post 2 above, except the post 2 method is using power allowance for the timer which is a little safer as far as sequencing.

This is what Logitech replied.

Sadly, don’t expect much from Logitech, most requests are ignored.
I did beta testing on several new products and the cooperation is virtually non existent :frowning: