Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

If I remember the receiver looks like all the other Hunter receivers. I don’t think they have changed much other than the transmitter.

Thanks to all for the hard work on this - so exciting!

Just wanted to share a recent experience. As many of us here have, I’ve been following this thread for a while… anxiously hoping. Well, we had an older fan/light in the kids’ room die on us last week, so now I had no choice but to buy a new one. I figured, might as well get this one if I have to buy one anyway. So, I spent the $200 at Home Depot on the fan:

Great - we go to install it and find the cover piece covered in rust (or a similar orange stain that was not removal). So, we pack it back up, and I return to Home Depot. Did not inspect any other parts.

While at Home Depot, I bought 2 more of the same fan, figuring we’ll install the other in our bedroom as well once we have the handyman here to help anyway. I open the box at the store to check and ensure no ‘rusted parts’ in this one, and all looks great.

Get home, go to install, and we realize there is no remote control or receiver box (the important parts! :slight_smile:)

I check the 2nd box, same thing. No remote or ceiling receiver.

Once I finish kicking myself for not realizing this earlier, I assume someone likely stole them – seeing the unique benefits they have. Oddly, both boxes show no sign of being opened. Only one piece of tape sealing both sides, no indication that it was peeled and re-stuck, or anything.

So, someone mentioned QC issues earlier, and he may be right.

4 possibilities:

  • These really are all defective from the manufacturer (3 of them), and, if so, then I’m nervous about the rest of the parts.

  • Or, some loser is going around carefully stealing the Zigbee controller and remote and perfectly repacking.

  • Or, the manufacturer pulled them out of my 2 boxes to ship to those on this thread that ordered the ‘spare parts’ separately :slight_smile:

  • Or, I’m the most unlucky SmartThings user and fan buyer.

Just wanted to share. Again, thanks to all – this is still going to be great, eventually.


Got some first impressions along with a short video put together showing how the current alpha version of the device handler works if you are interested.


I went to go get this device and test it and they don’t stock it at any of my local HomeDepot stores. :cry:[quote=“joelw135, post:93, topic:47463, full:true”]
Does anyone know if this control would work with the Zigbee receiver?http://www.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-Universal-Ceiling-Fan-Wireless-Wall-Control-68109/205846346?MERCH=REC--PIPHorizontal1_rr--206591100--205846346--N

So I was able to find the FCC documentation when this was certified, back in 2015… States Chungear Industrial Co., Ltd is the real OEM. Any sleuths out there think they could find another distribution channel?



This is their website. That model doesn’t appear but several similar ones are on there with the same part number scheme.

Does the Hampton Bay Zigbee work with fans that have a manual switch on the fan to change direction?

Is the wireless wall control Zigbee enabled or does it use a proprietary RF signal?

I’ve been watching the $199 fans for my house - hoping they are decent and we can get them working with ST!

You bet it does. But the wireless reverse button won’t work you still change the directions using the switch but everything else works. Check it out here. Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

I tried emailing Chungear Industrial Co last week but no response from them at all. Only place in the states we know that stock them is King of Fans where dalec and a few others have ordered the replacements parts from.

@dalec I bought the receiver from King of Fans yesterday. Luckily I live 20 minutes from their storefront :).

I did not buy the remote because I thought it wasnt needed. However my fan does not work at all and according to the manual, I need to power cycle the receiver to initiate pairing. I tried flipping the wall switch but nogo.

Do you know if its necessary to have the remote to setup this receiver and if it’s not required, what’s the correct process?

Not sure if I have a defective unit or just not doing something correctly.

I ordered the unit today. seems like the price went up to 85 shipped.

Still not available at Home Depot?? Or Amazon or somewhere??

can’t find them anywhere. i have to order the parts per instruction above.

To be honest I don’t remember what I did on mine but the manual does say cycle power so maybe the manual is wrong however…

tell me exactly how you are doing the steps you are doing

I bought the remote yesterday and I am still unable to power on the fan or light. Guess it must be a defective unit.

I did not get a manual with either the remote or the receiver but I referenced the manual for the complete fan. Is that the manual you are using as well?.

Now that you have the remote and are unable to control the fan locally… that is defective unit or your wiring? Verify you set the codes the same on receiver and transmitter (see pg 8 of manual).

If so then let’s look strictly at your wiring. Can you post a picture of the details of the wiring connection you did? See pg 10 and let’s verify your wiring steps. Installation Manual

I have the manual links for both and they are the same setup I believe from memory.

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I can’t take a pic with everything connected because there is no place to hang my fan once it’s dismounted. See the pics below.

The black hot is connected to the red AC.
The white is connected to the white AC.

The black, blue, and white on the opposite end of the receiver were connected to the corresponding white blue and black on my Hampton Bay fan.

The remote and receiver had all dips set to ON which is the default.

Bummer, you got everything right on, it sure seems to me as well that you may have gotten a bad DOA receiver. :slight_frown:

FYI, Who is your fan manufacturer? On every ceiling fan I have worked on, there is some kind of a hook or a bolt/nut in the cowl so you could leave it up hanging while you make the connections. In my picture below it is hidden but basically a bolt on my cowl simply hangs in a hole on the ceiling mounting base. Maybe yours is missing the bolt? I ask because this could be related to the problem… you might have a faulty wiring/power connection due to trying to not having a way to support your fan while wire nutting the wires to check out the connections? Especially if you accidentally held the fan in such a way to stress the wires into the device causing the failure to be inside at the PCB solder joint? I’m just pulling at straws here of course. :head_bandage:

Can you confirm the power is there and the fan works without the receiver?

I had a Hampton bay fan that refused to work with any remote unit (tried 3 different ones )

Also if you can, try using an extension wire to plug the receiver into a working outlet to confirm if the receiver shows up in ST. Make sure you cap off the load wires or if you have spare bulb holders plug them in with a bulb each to simulate load before plugging it in make sure you take all necessary precautions


It’s a hampton bay. I tried to search for it using the UPC and the model shown in the last pic but found nothing. There is a screw on either end but I figured it would put too much stress on the fan casing. I’ll give it a shot when I find the energy to reinstall the fan…for the 3rd time. Putting a lot of pressure on my already bad back :(.

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