Google's 'Brillo' Internet of Things platform is now 'Android Things,'


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Whoever at Google is in charge of naming stuff has to stop naming stuff in ways that can’t be googled! Seriously, “android things”!? That’s useless. Couldn’t they at least have dropped the space? :scream:

Let me Google that for you. :wink:

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So how does SmartThings “already work with Weave”?

not entirely sure what is meant by this statement
"Google says that SmartThings and Hue are already using Weave to connect to the Google Assistant "

(taken from this article )

Based on the device examples, I’m pretty sure it means that the official integration between google home and other systems, in this case SmartThings or Phillips, is using weave.

But I haven’t seen that verified anywhere else.

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Interesting. I wonder if this means we will see a Thread radio in future hubs?

The zigbee radio is already “thread-capable.” It’s the same frequency. See the following discussion.

I know that they use the same frequency. But you would think that they would still want to have separate antennas for each protocol. Would be a lot more complicated to operate both protocols on the same antenna at the same time.

It depends. Thread and the zigbee alliance are working on a message transport capability. Because to be honest from a practical standpoint it’s way more difficult to operate two different radios on exactly the same frequency that live right next to each other.

Thinking about it that makes a lot of sense too. Its such a confusing landscape with all these protocols, will be interesting to see which protocols survive the next few years.

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Android Things… is it still a thing? Android Central thinks so…

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Yup… Definitely a “Thing”, but …, “smart home’s saving grace” :roll_eyes:hyperbole much?