Google I/O 2018


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We should expect to hear about some new features for Google Assistant, as well as some new integrations for Google Home. The company will likely save its hardware announcements for the standard fall Pixel event, so don’t expect any new Google-branded products. But considering Google has been aggressively expanding the availability of Google Home products and third-party developer support for Google Assistant, I/O should have some exciting news

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“Multiple Actions” are being rolled out now to an Assistant near you, followed by “Continued Conversation” in few weeks.

Thinking of switching from Alexa to Google Home
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Multiple commands and retaining context are features that I talked about with the Amazon Echo engineers at their breakout presentation in San Francisco a few years ago. It’s always been on their roadmap.

Is Google leapfrogging Amazon here? I suspect a continual game of leapfrog. Amazon will catch up and beat, then Google. Repeat.

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Competition is godsend to consumers!

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If the Pixel 3 doesn’t have wireless charging, Google can go do one…