Google I/O 2017

Are there any SmartThings members attending the conference? Please use this thread to share the news…

@tgauchat are you attending this year?

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The one-and-a-half hour keynote will chart the future year for Google, bring important new announcements about the direction for Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts, the Android platform and more.

So far we expect Google to speak a lot about the Google Assistant, its smart voice helper that could come to iPhones and iPads very soon. The Google Assistant is expected to improve its capabilities as part of Google Home as well.

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First announcement - Google Lens, aka Bixby Vision on steroids coming to a device near you…

Google Home catching up with Echo.

Announced today:

Push Notifications (like Alexa, you have to ask what the notification is)
Free hands free calling feature
More entertainment features and 3rd party integrations
Visualization cards on any screen

Big day for 6 months old smart speaker!

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Today might be a mic drop moment for Google Home vs the Echo. It made up a lot of ground, and will pull ahead in a few key areas. #IO17

  • Team Google Home
  • Team Amazon Alexa
  • Both

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  1. Hands Free Calling - Call any mobile or landline without the need for any additional hardware / software on receivers end.

  2. Voice recognition - Automatically recognizes your voice and will bring up anything (Calendars, messages, stored favorites on YouTube, etc) based on your voice being recognized by Google

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Frankly, I was underwhelmed.