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@ktcred, I’m blocked from accessing the URL you posted for some reason - Google Chrome says:

"Your Internet access is blocked

Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection."

So either you’re one of the evil internet overlords my mom warned me about, or there is something in the URL that Google Chrome is unnecessarily getting upset about. This is on a work laptop that is mostly locked down, so I can’t do much troubleshooting.

Any ideas?

Not a huge deal, I can view it on my Chromebook and phone.

Phone? Were I read it on.

Interesting - comes up fine on my Chromebook.

Must be something in the firewall/AV on my work laptop that is getting its shorts bunched up.

Interesting…thanks for the heads up @Danabw. I haven’t had the issue, but if you wind up finding out more, do let me know. Thanks again.

Using Ifttt I am able to send execute piston commands. You can say " Hey google execute piston name" and it sends the command to CoRE. The command is sent and the dashboard says it’s being executed but none of the tasks in the piston are performed. Can anybody help me out with this, a bug? This seems like a good approach and should be working.

Most of the core experts hang out in the core peer assistance thread. If you ask your question there, you should get the quickest response.

Thanks, made a post there. Hopefully I can get this figured out. If this doesn’t work do you know if I can use a single virtual switch to control different routines using a web request variable?

Found a solution to the Google Home grouping problem after stumbling across Damon Floyd’s post:

  1. Install (create and publish) Damon’s device type/handler
  2. Create a virtual switch and set the device type to Damon’s momentary double-pole switch.
  3. Use the Smart Lights App to group the appropriate lights that you want to associate with the virtual switch.

This allows you to use normal vernacular when turning groups of items off and on since the virtual switch defaults to a neutral position and is always ready to turn on or off no matter what the latest command was. Not as easy to set up as the Amazon Echo groups but once it is setup you don’t have to redo or decipher the grouping in various platforms as long as they accept an on and off command, GUI or Voice. Which brings us to the only drawback to this device type, the code as Damon stated has a poor GUI and Smartthings shows the switch as a Push Button with no separate on or off capabilities. Not a problem for me or Damon since I assume like myself, he is using it for voice automation and doesn’t particularly care about the app functionality. However, for those of you who may want to use an app I can confirm that it works with SharpTools since the GUI has an on and off button. Maybe someone can rework the code for an on and off switch in the Smartthings app.


Does anyone know of google home can be used without the hub? For instance, the pixel comes loaded with google assistant. I would expect that it would also come with the full functionality of the hub as well??

If you mean the ST hub, then no, you need the hub to have Google run your lights.

If you mean something different, please specify. There is no hub for Google Home. What are you referring to?

if you use Philips Hue, then you don’t need ST hub for lights.

But you still need the Hue bridge, right?

yes, you need a hue bridge because the light bulbs are using the zigbee protocol to communicate with the HUB and GH doesn’t have zigbee or zwave.

I am not sure if it changed but you could not use the phone without GH hooked up. Once it is and connected to ST then it works from the phone. Not sure why.

This looks very helpful and may be exactly what I need to reliably turn off all the downstairs lights with Google Home (and Christmas lights for that matter).

I thought I solved this by creating with a simulated switch that would then run routines to turn off the lights, but I ran into an issue just last night where if some of the lights were individually turned on and the simulated switch was still in the ‘off’ position, I could not use this switch to run the routine. I had to turn the switch on first, then off again. Cumbersome and not very effective.

I will definitely try this method tonight. I’ve only had ST for about 2 weeks, and it truly can become an addiction. I’ve only started dabbling with device handlers and virtual devices, it’s like a whole new ballgame!

Be sure to check out my new app which should make some of what you guys are doing a bit easier.


By “hub” I meant the google home speaker.

Yeah I figured that was what you meant and I did not have any luck when I just had a pixel before I got GH. Once I got GH it works on the phone also.

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The GH device is a client device logging into the Google cloud. In effect it acts as the bridge for your commands from your phone or otherwise to get onto your home network bypassing your firewalls to talk to any local devices you might have like your hue bridge. In theory if you had a phone or tablet permanently placed at home it could provide a similar service but clearly this isn’t available yet.

Get Chromecast Audio and you can cast to any speaker or home audio amp. I have mine hooked up to my surround sound system.

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