Google Home voice match (or other voice assistant)

Hi folks,
so came across this a few times when trying to optimize speak and resume for a house of more than one person.

I have a global variable that is either me, them, me and them.

issue is when you ask for a response it takes a fair amount of extra rule/gating to come back with the right response.

My question was - Has anyone used voice match to trigger different routines or responses based on who asked the question?

Good morning [response] - Good morning Jamie, today is clear and 65 degree. Your first meeting is at 9am in the office and its Fred and Johns birthday today.

turn my office light on [response] turns {jamie Study} light on.

i think it makes for an easier and more natural voice input.

Equally does anyone know if Echo/Alexa is planning on releasing voice match?

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I definitely don’t know, but I’m pretty sure Amazon and Google will play “leapfrog” on new features until one of them gives up or unless they run into specific Patent issues.

Each company will try to retain some fundamental differentiations for marketing purposes, but if one clearly lags behind the other, I think consumers will pick up on this pretty quickly.

“Natural conversational speech” is a huge paradigm though; so this competition is tremendously valuable to everyone! :slight_smile:

Are the new Google routines account specific? Because if they are…

interesting - i think someone heard me :smiley:


Excellent. I knew they were working on it, glad to see it’s out on schedule
Can’t wait to see it develop to real utility

Edits upon having read it:

  • shopping by voice without access codes should soon translate to banking.

  • also to unlocking doors. (No more strangers’ voices possibly doing it)

  • voice ID should extend to commute times, a separate route for each voice print

  • also to Calendar additions. If I say “add meeting with boss to my calendar tomorrow” it should go to my calendar, no not to the wife’s calendar


Then again, certain aspects of amazon’s business model befuddle me.
I tried to get this feature going… only to find that it won’t run.

For it to work, you need X version of Android.
And it has to be on a phone; a tablet won’t do. Even a tablet with contact lists.
AND it has to be on a phone that is activated! If you are using that phone as wifi-only, it fails to activate the feature… and fails to even update to a version capable of supporting the feature.

The wonderful iPad on which I’m typing this right now? Useless for activating the voice ID feature, just as it is useless for activating the calling features.

But those requirements are not specified. They are ridiculous… but as long as they exist, they should be specified. So that folks on phones that cannot be updated beyond W version of Android don’t waste their time trying to activate the features, and then waste more time on a 20 minute tech call in which the support person does not tell you upfront about the requirements.

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A followup: after three separate support sessions with Amazon, it now works on that phone.
And once installed somewhere, the voice ID feature does show up on the iPad.

Had to clear Alexa app memory and cache on ALL my android devices. Then had to delete Alexa from all of them.

Then had to clear cache and memory for Google Play on all those linked devices!

Then it still would not show up in the play store. Had to download and then install the latest apk file.

Now it finally works. Btw, turns out I did not need to activate the cellphone.

First separator: wife and I have different commutes to work. She asks hers and it recognizes her voice and tells her. I ask mine and it tells me mine!

I’m very much looking forward to that function developing.