Amazon Developing Advanced Voice-Recognition for Alexa


Hopefully they open this up to developers as this could have all kinds of uses for the SmartThings integration (and apps like Ask Alexa).

Cannot wait…This is the piece of puzzle that is really missing from an upcoming EchoSistant feature… @femwitjava any rumours on time line?

Here’s where I read about it.

No known timelines … both voice and facial recognition are on tbe table, however it is tbe strict policy of Amazon to not discuss roadmaps. Sorry for lack of details. Another call tomorrow though… if anything is news worthy i will be sure to post


I’ve spoken about this a few times; voice biometrics is absolutely the next big piece of the puzzle for development of the platform.

I disagree slightly with the calendar reference at the end of the article. Alexa has become my main input interface to my calendar. I tell it to add items to my calendar and it does, reliably. And just like to-do list management, the biggest challenge of calendar management is getting the things on it in the first place.

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