Google Home music to Bluetooth speakers enabled

Google Home can connect to Bluetooth speakers for music playback now. I haven’t tried yet…


just tried it and it works fine with my Samsung M5 speaker. Only works for playing music though unlike the Echo that also directs all of the spoken audio through my speaker,

well i’ve been messing with it for an hour and can’t get my google home mini connected to my samsung sound bar. there is no pair option in my mini default speaker screen. i’ve updated all apps rebooted everything:(

You should have a menu option called “Paired Bluetooth Devices” just above Default Speaker. You need to set that up first before you can change the default.

NB: You can also connect another device vai Bluetooth to a Google Home. Just say “Hey Google, connect to bluetooth” and it’ll show up as a discoverable bluetooth speaker.

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Thank you for the feedback. I tried both of those in the process. For me it seemed the paired bluetooth devices just allowed me to discover the mini as a speaker for my phone… not to to connect to another bluetooth speaker. When I used voice commands it pointed me to the app if I remember correctly. Will reboot averything again tonight and try again.

EDIT: Just saw this HowTo which has screenshots; mine definitely was not showing the “Pair Bluetooth speaker” option in the “Paired Bluetooth devices” screen. Maybe my mini is delayed getting an update, I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Nope…worked for my mini. Are you in the Assistant App or in the Google Home app? Have to be in the Home App for that option to show up.

You have to go into “Default music speaker” and then it will allow you to pair your bluetooth speaker. Selecting “Paired bluetooth devices” only allows you to connect to your phone.

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Last night after force closing the ios Google Home app and restarting it, the pair bluetooth speaker option showed up and worked. Thanks for the help!

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