Google Home as a speaker: bug or leak?

Probably a leak. I don’t see it yet.

Google home was recently updated to be used as a bluetooth speaker.
Hopefully this is a sign that support is right around the corner !

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Let’s hope so. I have been using it as a Bluetooth speaker for a since this featur was released earlier this summer.

Looks like a bug. I’m not familiar with any immediate plans to support Google Home as a speaker/notification device.

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Love your choice of wording @Tyler.

It was the same entry that’s available when adding the Google Assistant service. Nothing new to see here :slight_smile:


This is crazy Tyler, if Spotify can use Google Home as a speaker, why can’t Samsung enable the same ability for the Smartthings hub?
This is a really shocking lack of flexibility. Now that Google home can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, surely the Smartthings hub (which has Bluetooth if I’m not mistaken) can just pair with it as it would pair with a WiFi speaker and add it as a speaker “thing”?


The SmartThings Hub V2 physically has a Bluetooth radio, but it’s not enabled. The answer is more complicated though.

The type of Bluetooth that the hub would use, if it were on, is not capable of initiating an audio stream. Even if we did turn on Bluetooth at some point, we could never do what you’re describing. We’d also need to create the software layer to manage your music, which is something we don’t want to do. You’re much better off purchasing a Chromecast Audio, or looking at any number of other solutions that provide you with a better experience from your non-WiFi speakers.