Google Home Hub (October 9, 2018)

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{thunk, thunk, thunk} :scream:

Unless the early descriptions are missing a big piece, This is not a hub.

Of course, this is not a hub, either.

Hub: A central controller that connects a variety of smart devices in the home such as door locks, cameras, lights and thermostats.

The new Google device, according to the leaked documents, is

listed as an “Interactive Video Streaming Device,”

In other words, first generation echo show. Not second generation echo show. It can’t establish a network.

( I know: no one cares but me. :wink: )


We all care in our own ways. :joy:


was just thinking the same thing


Maybe they are going more for this definition:slight_smile:

hub noun

  1. the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.
  2. the effective center of an activity, region, or network.
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I get that for Samsung‘s refrigerator, but not for the new google product, which is strictly IOT.

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Wow, $150 is an aggressive price. Wonder if Amazon will drop the price of the new Show?

available on October 22nd for $149 in the US, UK, and Australia, with preorders starting today.

This change your mind on the definition of Hub @JDRoberts? I’m torn on the definition of Hub myself.

I need to see the details.

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OK, I found more details. Still not a hub. :wink:

The C by GE bulbs are using a proprietary Bluetooth mesh which is most similar to ZLL: it’s a hubless network. These bulbs work without any hub at all. Google devices are just joining the same network, but they are not establishing the network. Think of it like a hue Bridge.

The Google device will act as a Wi-Fi/proprietary Bluetooth bridge. But not a hub.

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Facebook wants to put their camera in your home. And it’s always listening. And it’s the first one that can automatically track you as you move around the space…:scream:

The comments write themselves on that one, I think. :wink:

And for those who missed the recent news: Facebook was taking phone numbers and real names harvested from their two factor authentication security system and selling them to advertisers.

Who would even think of doing that?


Buyers be aware. One of the perks of getting a Google Hub has a big gatcha…

I am lost. What perk are you referring to?

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I’m always lost! :wink:


Only for first time Google users, even a free trial of Google Music for a month, which everyone gets, disqualifies you from getting the 6 months You Tube. Didn’t expect that from Google.

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