Gonna ditch all my Schlage-related automations

And start fresh. Ever since I messed up the front door automations by trying to run Lock Code Manager, it’s become a cascade of silliness. So I’ll chalk up the first year+ of doing this to a learning experience.

Step 1 is to go through the relevant automations. All of them; the ones in SmartThings and the ones in Tasker. Decide which of them I will want to continue, and note the workflows of each.

Step 2 is to delete them.

Step 3 is to remove the Schlage lock from my environment, reset it to default state, and re-pair it so it installs the proper device handler in the correct fashion. Much as I like the idea of handling the user codes programmatically, it just did not want to work and it wrecked the automations. So I’ll go back to handling the user codes at the lock.

Step 4 is to rebuild the automations, one by one. Make it so it locks immediately upon the sensor being closed, and stays unlocked if the sensor is open. Then build from there such things as which lights go on/off when the door is unlocked, which other events might trigger the door to unloc, etc.

Bummer…but starting fresh once in a while can be very helpful.

I’m running ethayer’s Lock Manager (the “beta” version) and it’s been faultless w/my Schlage Connect 469. Managing codes from the SmartThings app, set up lock after 10min CoRE piston, lock codes that only work during certain days/times, lock during alarm enable, etc., and haven’t run into any issues. (Probably just due to my clean living and love of small furry animals.) :wink:

On the other hand, I was recently adding an Iris keypad to my security setup and found myself down a rat hole of Smartapps and settings that left things completely screwed up at one point. Decided to take the same path as you - removed and reinstalled everything last night and now it’s working perfectly. Tah-dah!

Hope your reset goes well…my Schlage Connect lock (and related automations) is one of my favorite parts of my SmartThings automations - not having to worry about always leaving the front door unlocked when away or at night (which we used to do constantly) is really nice. Also love the ability to press the Schlage button on the lock to lock it from the outside so that I don’t have to have a key w/me when walking the dogs, or family is leaving and kids have to go back to get something.

It says “beta” below, but it’s really a fully functioning, feature rich, and reliable solution.


Right. Now, get on with it. Get on with it!!

I use RBoy’s DTH and Smartapps to manage my Schlages and it has been working beautifully. The only issue I’ve had is that on very rare occasions, it does not relock when the door has been closed. I haven’t had the time to figure out in what exact situations that happens both due to time constraints and the fact it happens so rarely, but I just went ahead and made a CORE piston that will lock the door if open/close sensor detects closed state for 2 minutes and lock is unlocked. That cleared that right up and no issues since. Love being able to manage codes, change alarm type and sensitivity, etc. all from the SmartThings app or remotely. Might be worth checking out.