GoControl GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage door opener to work with Alexa (Echo)

Ok, I’m really really new to this home automation thing. I have the SmartThings hub and Amazone Echo. I have just installed WeMo light switches that I link through ST and can control through Echo. I just installed a GoControl GD00Z-4 Z-wave Garage door opener and I have it connected to ST but can’t get Alexa to discover the device. I saw some solutions that involve computer codes but I have no idea what to do with that information. So I need it really dumbed down, “How do I make Alexa discover the Garage door?” Could someone please help me and make it simple for the lay-person or baby-step me through it?

You have to select the opener within the Alexa smart app for smartthings. Then enter discovery mode with the Echo.

Exactly what RightHand said, it works really well…I use the amazon Dot with smartthings and use Alexa to open and close my garage door.

I don’t believe this will work if you are using the default device handler for garage door openers. This is considered a security risk and not made available as a switch by default. You need to install a custom device handler that exposes the garage door opener as a controllable switch and then it will be seen by the Alexa smartApp. See below for the handler I use (NOT FREE):

Here is a free one that I have not used or tested but should be worth a shot:

For step by steps…check out this wiki:
The FAQ sections has guides on creating custom device handlers, etc

Good Luck

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Alexa was able to see and open/close without any special app for me. Once I made it available, it did work. However, it would only work if i said “Alexa, turn ON/OFF the garage door”. There are a number of apps that have been developed by community members. I use Ask Alexa. It is somewhat free as long as you stay under the recommended number of uses, but from others in the threads no one has been charged to date as far as i’m aware and they are power users. They have excellent documentation that is easy to follow and set up if you’re willing to take the time. The latest version is here if you’d like to take a look. This is my own endorsement and i’m not a part of the developers that created this app.

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I use Ask Alexa as well, but this requires a LOT for someone new to Smartthings (including a developer and Lambda account).

Ask Alexa - requires that the end user use a “skill” command like “Alexa, tell smartthings to open garage”

Custom device handler - requires user to use unnatural command like “Alexa, turn on garage door”.

Both are unnatural in their own way. The biggest hurdle for Ask Alexa is that it is VERY complex to configure and troubleshoot for someone new to Smartthings. Opening up the device as a switch is relatively simple and allows the device to be used in automations.

In the end it will be up to Shanda and what they feel comfortable with.

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@stephack completely agree! Just offering it up. I’m no code junky by any stretch of imagination so that’s why I recommended it. And if I was able to do it then I believe most others could too. Lol! Just depends on what you want and how much time and brain power you’re willing to commit.

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Its not a switch with the basic DH that is why you need a DH that acts as a switch also. I can say Alexa close garage door my side or wife side and it does just that since its recognized as a switch with the DH I am using.

Please share the DH (if it’s a free one) so srspanda can use it.

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It’s from Royboy. So not free.

Ahh…same one I use. Well maybe the free one I listed works. Guess we’ll have to wait for feedback from srspanda.

How much does the one from Robroy cost?

Updated with correct info. I use a few of his apps and handlers so I just paid the 30 as opposed to the 20 for the year.

Since I installed my garage opener on Thursday, I have not been able to use the “Alexa, open/close the garage door” command.

However, she responds to “turn on/off the garage door.”

Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve seen that a number of people have had success using open/close, but I wonder if Amazon changed something to discourage users from using the Echo to control their garages. I know that routines that contain open/close controls are blacklisted from the Echo.

I saw one Git project for an Alexa skill called “garage door” that allows you to say, “Alexa, tell garage door to open/close.” The problem is the skill is built for a pretty custom-built garage controller. I’d love to see a similar skill written for Linear/GoControl/Iris/etc controllers.

yes its a switch to Alexa. Off and on. It doesn’t understand close open. But GH does. Strange I know.

Or you can use ask Alexa as it will do what you want.

Ask Alexa sort of does what I want. I’m a huge proponent of natural language and conversation.

Having to say, “Alexa, tell SmartThings to open the garage door” isn’t very natural.

I’m going to try creating a profile in EchoSistant called “The Garage.” Then if I assign the name “door” to the garage door, perhaps, “Alexa, tell the garage to open the door” will work.

UPDATE: It’s not possible to add doors and locks to profiles in EchoSistant, from what I can tell.

True. I have found myself migrating to GH. I still like Alexa and it has its purposes but GH answers more questions for my kids and does more once you get the naming down of your things.

I found a simple solution.
My goals;

  • be able to open or close my garage door using Alexa (in my case an Ecobee 4)
  • make sure I didn’t forget to close the garage door at night… automatically close it at a certain time (2300) if I left open.

From SmartThings

  • Connect the GoControl GD00Z to SmartThings Hub
  • Create a SmartThings Scene. Call it Close The Garage Door. Set the door control to Closed. Test it.

From Alexa

  • Connect Alexa with SmartThings (instructions at support.smartthings.com)
  • Discover the SmartThings hub (instructions at support.smartthings.com)
  • From the Alexa Menu,
    — select Routines,
    — click the plus sign to add a routine
    — Select When This Happens, Schedule, At Time, select a time, repeat, daily, next…
    …Add Action, Smart Home, Control Scene, select the SmartThings scene, in this case Close The Garage Door

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Works like a charm. Thanks Kelly

Super awesome ! Thank you !