GL08-2 Iris integration?

Lowes had a buy one get one free offer. An outdoor outlet, the GL08-2 , and an indoor outlet. Anyone get them to connect? I can’t seem to make them work. I’m really interested in the outdoor outlet as my GE outlets are totally unreliable.


Do you have a link? I’m not seeing that model number.

That’s a WiFi outlet. So it won’t pair with ST out of the box. It might be possible to get it working with ST but probably wouldn’t be simple to do so.


Yep. The related indoor plug is a Wi-Fi model also.

It’s the zigbee models, at least the second generation ones, which can work directly with the smartthings hub.

For the others, it’s really like any other Wi-Fi device:

The fact that it doesn’t work with Echo is a bad sign, since that’s usually the first integration that they add. :disappointed_relieved:

Back it goes, son a related note. What outside outlet plugs are reliable? The GE ones are aweful.


What are the weather conditions where you live? Most community members seem pretty happy with the GE outdoor pocket sockets. The only problem is I’ve seen is when they weren’t in protective boxes in very high humidity or rainy areas and water got in them.

It’s this weather proof outlet.