Github Intergration with my Samsung Device page (UK Region)

Can someone tell me or send links to step by step guide on how to get github integration on my smartthings device handler page please? I live in the UK is this possible?

Hi Nick,

I know this says it’s not supported outside of the US, but you can still try maybe? I’m sure you’ve already searched the community, but I thought I’d still share a few lnks.

Thanks for reply. I’ve read both of these when I click the link it takes me to an error page 404

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ok sorry about that. Which link is failing?

The add smart things as a callaborator link it goes to an error page like the page isn’t there. Bare with me I’m a newbie.

No worries!

Can you point me to where that link is referenced? Are you referring to the SmartThings doc?

The link at top of this page

Ah, OK! It’s been so long since I’ve integrated my repo I didn’t remember.

I’m not sure what do do now, sorry! I’ve updated you topic to include UK, so hopefully someone in your region can chime in and help too.

Thank you so much bud much appreciated.

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