Github Integration for UK users

I have to say that the more I think of this, the more I’m not sure it should be available to the entire platform (not just UK, US as well).

If someone with malicious intent gained access to a well used github account, they could cause a lot of trouble.

Either way, none of the above is a good explanation for the disparity between the UK and US servers.

Is there any update to this?

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Is there any update on this ? UK seem to still be very left out on any type of beta or non official release function.

Surely the UK market is important too.

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after all this time i would say no , its more work they cant handle. The reasoning of the UK being different seems a strange one when we all get the same HUB updates. Its frustrating but something to live with , automated home which you manually update

The UK is pretty much the same for everything. ST advertises support for hundreds of devices yet officially supports a fraction of devices supported in the US. If it wasn’t for the community I would have dumped the system a while ago.


I don’t get why its so hard to ensure the EU IDE is the same code release as the US. has it ever been explained.

And if its more work than they can handle then surely they need to hire more staff/developers to move there product forward.


@jody.albritton is there any chance I can get on on the cli beta? I’ve been writing a few device handlers and it would be so much easier to have nicer git integration.

I guess the problem is not enough big competition. Wait til Amazon & Google get their stuff together & watch Samsung either give up completely, or pull out all the stops.

Its a shame - if they only realised that if they went for it now, they would pretty much sew up the home automation (without manual updates) market

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+1 for UK Git Integration.

After reading loads of topics on this I’m really not that bothered any more I don’t want apps to break as a new push has problems. Most apps I have never get updated its only CoRE and Nest Manager which I’m happy to do myself when new features or bugs fixes that affect me are added.

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If managed right the release you set should be stable. You choose to be on a test release.

+1 for Git integration in UK please

Its available

Really? I don’t see the option on my account. Did you do anything to enable?

Can’t see it on my account. Are you sure?

Owner: ******
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: Master

Someone mentioned it on here but I didn’t see any official announcement.

I’m not a developer so I don’t know if that’s the integration you want but I’m using it to update apps from repo

Edit: it was here UK Github Working!

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Thank you for the pointer!! No idea how I missed that thread.
I’ve moved it into the UK thread so more people will see it!!

Moving my question to the other UK github thread which is more recent.

So guys is Github available for Uk & Ireland yet?

Yes it is and has been for some time.
See post 84.