Github help for UK accounts?

I’m trying to setup Github integration. I follow The URL
then click Step 2 to follow link It then lands at a Github page stating Error 404 - not known. Any help appreciated

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See if this helps any:

The official docs still say that github integration is not available outside of the US, but I thought that it’s working in the UK now? Has the status changed again?

Thanks for tagging me JD.

It’s not something we can officially state support of outside the US. People have been able to make it work, which is awesome, but the US-only disclaimer remains for now in the official docs.

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I got this working as well on my UK Smartthings account but a word of caution. It works fairly well but I did have a problem that is probably a not UK only thing where if you have lots of custom SmartApps and Device Types on different Repos it really slowed down the loading of the interface to the point it timed out. Fortunately mostly if you refreshed the browser it would work but I could be waiting 2 minutes for the list. I can only guess it looks through the github repos defined and creates a temporary list of updates so it can colour the screen appropriately

I had to turn it off, I have about 22 smart apps and 35 device types in my list. I wondered if this was a UK latency issue with Github because it wasn’t officially supported in the UK but I suspect this is the reason alternatives are being looked at by SmartThings full stop.

Agreed. I enabled it last for a couple of SmartApps and some DTH and its slowed the loading of both the My Smartapps page and My Device Handler pages down dramatically.

Ditoo, have tried to disable it myself aswell - took a while to get it to work but now disabled again. Think we did jump the gun a bit as the ST staff said!! :slight_smile:

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