Getting started with Core (for Dummies)

I have a question on IFTTT integration:

It keeps on showing as “Not configured”.

I have connected the Maker channel in IFTTT, included the Maker key (the complete https: link).
Then tapped Done
"Congratulations! You have successfully connected CoRE to IFTTT)"
Then tapped Done again.

Am I missing any step?

I had this same issue yesterday.
All you need to put in is the last part.
i.e. the bit after the last forward slash.
Then click next, done then back arrow out a couple of times.

Thanks, @bobbles. I tried your suggestion but when I tap “Done” I get a blank page instead of the “congratulations” message. When I tap done again I get “Error saving unnamed page. Please contact SmartApp developer”.(@ady624).
I tried again with the full https URL and it says “Congratulations” but still doesn´t show the next time I enter into settings.

Could you describe your steps in more detail? Are you using CoRE in the iOS app?

Much obliged!

Using CoRE on an andriod.
All I can say is I do the following.
Open CoRE.
Scroll down to settings.
Tap on IFTTT.
Enable usimg the slide button.
Tap on the maker channel part and get the url.
Copy in the last part of the url into the maker key. eKkmB6HV-HS etc.
Click next.
I now get a congratulations message.
Click Done.
Then back arrow out using top left.
It now says 'connected ’ in the IFTTT box.
Click Done. Then Done again.
Those are my steps on an andriod.
The key above is incomplete BTW.
I am having a problem with this Piston, the load attribute doesn’t do anything for the first action. The notification part works. What am I missing. Thanks for any help

Just a guess, seeing you’re using Celsius, maybe you need to declare the variable as decimal, your device handler is probably expecting it.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I changed to F and it still don’t work. I have checked everywhere for an example but no go.

Not sure what else is going on, looks like there was a bug that was addressed though.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Hello - Im new and will immediately check that there isnt somewhere else I should be introducing myself first, apologies if so!

I have some basic things going on at home, thanks to Hue, some motion and a aeon sensor in my cigar cabinet keeping them safe and at perfect humidity. But, with some basic experience in software I want to play around with CORE. I followed all the instructions but have been stumped at the first hurdle… I cant get the IDE to connect to Git… there is just no option anywhere on the control panel for IDE.

Ive checked all the documentation twice but no luck! Am I missing something? Has it changed?!

Hoping you kind folk can help.
Many thanks,

Thanks Richmon…pulling my hair out as to why I was not seeing the published CoRE under My Smartapps…This did the trick. Should be updated in the WIKI.



There is a great app created by AaronZON which will do what you are asking for. I use it to dim my front lights when motion is detected from my Ring doorbell.

You could probably setup two instances of the app, one for the motion and one for the sliding door.

Ok, I’ve been working with CoRE for a week or so now and tend to be pretty tech savvy, but I must be missing something. How on earth do I make my piston latching? All of the examples I find are from a different version than what I am seeing.

You should move on to webCoRE - the newer and better version of the two. But if you want to use CoRE, when you create a new piston there is an option right there among the first ones about Piston Type.

Hi I am just getting started with Core. I am trying to get some lights to change based on outside weather. I know I can use ifttt but I would like to do it all in core. I have my ecobee attached to smart things and a weather station installed but cannot figure out what I need to do pass weather info to core. Do I need to create a virtual device? Any help would be appreciated.

Ok so I was using webCoRE and trying to create a latching piston. I was totally confused. I have something working ish but I’ll post it in the other thread for help. Thanks so much!

Throwing myself on the mercy of the experts here. I have integrated github with Smartthings IDE and created the CoRE smartapp. However, I can find nothing listed under smartapps in the smartthings phone app except for the TP-Link smartapp which I had created previously. CoRE and TP-Link both show up under the smartapps tab in the IDE, but only TP-link is on the phone app. I fear I may have screwed up the “cloning” part of the install, but believed at the time that this was more for future convenience of syncing and not necessary for having the CoRE smartapp showing up on my phone. Additionally “category” for the smartapp in the IDE is listed as “convenience” which is not an option in my mobile application…but it does not allow me to change it.

Can somebody help dig me out of this hole?

And once again I’ve learned that lesson that the easiest way to solve a problem is to post a question, so the world knows you’re a dummy. You will, within seconds, discover the user error that led to that point…such as not enabling the integration in the IDE within the HOME location. Mystery solved.


Just got CoRE up and running using the manual copy and paste method. Just wondering when I eventually transition to using github do I lose all my automation rules that I have created? If I lose my rules, I will start using github now but prefer to learn that later. Tried searching but can’t find anything on this.

Also, any issue with github in Canada? I see it says it is only supported in US but wondering if it works in Canada and it’s just a support issue.


Use WebCoRE.

There’s a new forum just for that now, check it out!