Getting images from Aeotec Cam 360

I recently got my new Aeotec 360 cam and am wondering how to store images from it on the local network (ultimately the goal is to send it to my smart home system, Domoticz).

Using pysmartthings as a Python bridge to the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, I succeeded in getting a status with three urls: ‘clipPath’, ‘thumbnailPath’ and ‘image’ respectively. They look like this (some id values changed for privacy):

If I send a GET request to this url, for example for the key ‘image’, then the server returns with the following error: {“code”: 400, “reason”: “Request missing Bearer token.”}

I tried sending the http request through Postman and filled in the Smartthings token in the Bearer token field, but the only response I get is a 403 (Forbidden). Tried Base 64 encoding the token before sending it, with the same result. Do I need another (not Smartthings) token specifically for the Mediaserv server? How do I proceed from here?

I would bet that image and video clips are locked down by the API.

Just got a reply from Aeotec:
For security reasons, use of the camera outside of SmartThings app has been disabled.
This means you cannot read the stream directly from the camera or control the camera.
Best regards

Field Application Engineer

My response:
Security seems a poor excuse for a lack of transparency and storing my private recordings on a cloud server on the other side of the world. My guess is that the cloud storage will probably become a paid service soon. I will send this camera back and stick to cameras that work with Onvif /CGI-BIN/rtsp that I can use as I see fit without being patronised for wanting to access my own camera on my own local network. Anyway how about all that talk about a Connected Home Alliance working on open standards for IoT projects?

Okay, that does not sound friendly, but it is my belief that technology in my own home should be transparent, at least to me.

There is already a free and paid tier for SmartThings Video cloud storage (at least in the USA. Not sure if its available outside the USA)

Nope, in Europe we have only the free version of the plan. It’s a pity, as it have only 10 sec of recording.

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