Get virtual device value


does anyone knows how I can get info that a virtual device has changed it’s value?

I hava a RasPi running as Homeserver communicating non compatible ST devices into ST. For that I have configured some virtual devices. Now I want to control these devices via ST app etc.

I have a solution for polling on them but there should be a smarter way. I’m looking for

  • a service I can suscribe on
  • a async call comes back on change
  • get an notify call from ST cloud

Thanks for helping out here.

In SmartThings, typically, devices have capabilities. Capabilities have attributes. Attributes have values that are changed by events. SmartApps (or devices) can subscribe to events to get a callback when events occur.

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Hi @Chris58! Welcome to the Community! To receive subscriptions on your devices events, probably an SmartApp is the way to go, you can check this documentation to see if it suits your purpose. You can create subscriptions and might be used as you are describing.
Let me know if this helps you I can look for some examples for you to guide you if you want to implement one.

Hi guys,

thanks for the hint - That is exactly what I was looking for.

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