Get ready to make the switch!

It’s just missing the 404 infront of “unknown”…

Does smartthings/Samsung have a test group or do they just let the devs test their own code??


Yeah, us and the rest of their other customers…


Samsung software is full of bugs because most of their apps don’t have public beta channels. They release it and hope it works.
If you find a bug, submit a bug report to Samsung and they will usually fix it.

I’ve not been able to figure out a couple of things with the new ways. I’m yet to use migration tool as I’m a bit worried about a few things.

Do virtual momentary switches migrate? I can’t see my existing ones when setting up Automations in the new app. They appear in the devices list and rooms but are “unresponsive”. In the Classic app these still all work great.

Losing Echo Speaks is a huge loss and there’s no way I’ve found that can replace some of the notifications I use (e.g. construct a dynamic string in WebCore and then send that too all devices to say). Any ideas?

I think I can workaround some stuff by triggering Alexa routines. How can I do this from Smartthings in the new app. I can’t see Alexa stuff in there so do I need a virtual switch (preferably momentary) that Alexa watches for?

Can WebCore see the new Scenes to activate them? I had trouble with this in the past so use classic routines with WebCore.

Cheers for the help.

I believe there may still be issues with the ‘Momentary Button Tile’ handler and the new app, for whatever reason, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

The actual Momentary capability simply declares that the handler implements a ‘push()’ command. So it wouldn’t be available as a condition in the Automations in itself, you’d just see the effects of “pressing” the momentary and so running ‘push()’, such as a button being pushed or a switch turning on. The momentary action can be activated by the Automation but it gets buried under the switch options, which is a bit bizarre, and rather assumes you also have a switch capability in the handler.

At the moment I think you’ll just to have wait and see what Echo Speaks ‘lite’ will be able to do for you. There will be other options but they will probably be a bit contrived.

Now there is a story. Basically you install the SmartThings skill on Alexa and use virtual contact sensors or motion sensors in Alexa routines. You may need to use custom device handlers that combine switches and motion/contact sensors, and possibly momentary if that floats your boat. The slight complication is that the latest Alexa skill has resulted in much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the Alexa routines have not been triggering reliably. This is being worked on but I don’t believe is completely resolved yet. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will not stop if it is sorted as there are other issues.

Not natively, no, and I can’t see them being added either. However you can trivially activate a scene with the help of a virtual switch and an Automation that runs the scene when it is toggled, or you can just get webCoRE to active the Scene via a web request to the REST API.


@orangebucket already gave you some great answers, but just a few quick points:

  1. some momentary devices do work in the new app, but they need a few changes and so the ones you had in classic probably won’t migrate. :disappointed_relieved:

You can either track down @orangebucket ‘s Instructions in other threads for how to make those changes or you can just use a simulated switch and use the power allowance feature of smart lighting to have it always turn itself off after one minute. That makes it the equivalent of a momentary switch without the current issues.

  1. The new Alexa skill has a couple of major glitches. First, sensors are not consistently triggering Alexa routines for some customers. This applies to both physical and virtual devices and it’s extremely annoying. Engineering is aware of it and is working on it, but no timeline for a fix. There’s nothing you as a customer can do about it, so don’t even start down that rabbit hole. There are three or four threads on this, but official updates are being posted in the following:

Child devices also don’t work right.

There are other issues as well, just read the thread at the link and you can see those.

  1. The author of echo speaks is working on a new “light“ version. I don’t know if that will address your specific use case or not. Discussion near the end of the author thread:
  1. scenes and Webcore. See the new community FAQ

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)


@JdRoberts @orangebucket Thanks for the great responses!

I’ll go through those links in more detail. Sounds like I’ve got a few headaches that can be cured but some compromises to make and fudges to cook in the short term. It’s a shame it’s come to this. I’m really hoping the ST devs can pull things together soon but it sounds like a bit of a mountainous job.

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OK, I deleted my last post because I expanded my search to google since I wasn’t finding exactly what I was trying to answer in the forum.

I have created the virtual switches, automations and scenes to be able to switch the status of the STHM from armed to disarmed. The only thing I can’t find/figure out is how to make this happen automatically via presence. Is that possible and if so can you point me to the correct instructions/reading material? :thinking:

Since this is the last thing I need to address I believe my abuse of posts will stop here. :flushed:Your patience is much appreciated.

Use your mobile phone as a presence device, new app does not take your mobile as a regular device but as a “member location” one bye example: “When Johns location is presence disarm STHM”. You can add each mobile phone in the gear icon of the new app.

Thanks for the reply but there are two members of my household (both of which I see in the members section) but yet I can’t create an automation that reads if this member and this member are away set STHM to armed and likewise if this member or that member arrive set STHM to disarmed. I may not be making myself clear with my terminology but that is what I am trying to accomplish.

Hey Samsung Smartthings team, please keep open STHM API for 3th party certified and trusted developers, like Action Tiles or Sharp Tools, users will appreciate a lot !


Or just allow users to opt in to API access and rid yourself of any liability.


Could be great but I think thats could be the main issue they try to avoid, support (cost) and open platform, deal with high risk of security issues, deal with mess with dozen of programs, Smart Apps and DTH without any control, its a fact …

Hi my friend, I am wondering what is happening about you cannot set an automation, but take a look for this screen, I think its close what do you want, I just did it, I hope this can be useful…

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This is exactly what I want to do but I want to use my second household member so it would look like:


Carlos’ iPhone arrives


If Christy’s iPhone arrives



as well as


Carlos’ iPhone departs


IChristy’s iPhone departs


Arm (away)

The work around right now is using a scene widget and setting it manually. I think there is a way using life360 but I can’t seem to install the smart app. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for your input! Much appreciated!

You have to install New App in 2nd phone, enter to gear icon and activate the phone as a presence location device (Option “Get location from this Phone”, in the screen shot "Obtener su ubicación de este teléfono)), I read some time ago to be sure it works fine its preferred you add a different mail (samsung user) to the members list of your location (one different mail per member and login with different member on each mobile phone) because use same mail (samsung user) in different mobiles could give errors.

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Thanks for being patient! The issue was I didn’t activate get the location for the other device.

Now we have to leave to test…probably tomorrow evening.

Thanks again for the help and patience!

Go for some beer, and then test it !.


Sigh, good morning and good night will not migrate as well as SHM. SMH

Is SHM even working in the Classic app for you right now? It’s not for me (and others).