Get ready to make the switch!

I don’t believe they’ve ever said that third-party apps would be able to control STHM, have they? A lot of security systems lock that down.

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I’m currently using Webcore “Set Smart Home Monitor Status to ___” to arm/disarm SHM in the classic app. Anyone knows what the alternative is since this functionality is no longer available in the new app (STHM)? Does that mean I’ll now have to perhaps write a piston to manually control my sirens…etc?

Webcore cannot directly change the security.mode for STHM (The equivalent of SHM in the new V3 app). It can be changed in a scene or an automation created in the new app so there are some workarounds. See the community FAQ

FAQ: SHM and STHM are different


i believe webcore works in the new app . i am doing something simiar but using my version of rule machine and it works in the new app. I dumped their new sthm as their new automations do not work correcytlly as the precondition is not enforced as an AND . So I went back to using smart alarm, with modes for my arming disarming etc, and setting the mode ie home,away with rule machine… This seems to be working ok… Now if the stupid app would not come up blank with automations, rooms, scenes etc, 90% of thte time

but if you are bent on using the new shtm and webcore, you can settup virtual switches for each of the armed stay, disarmed etc in shtm and add automations to set the corresping shm armed stay etc with autmations in both directions, then you can control them with webcore via setting the virtual swtiches

I wasn’t specifically referring to STHM, which as you say, is a more complicated matter. I was speaking to the general availability of a new API that DTH & Webcore replacements will have to migrate to when Groovy and the IDE are sunset.

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Yeah, I ended up figuring that out as well (not sure if I posted it though, so thanks for putting it here in case others have that problem). Seems ridiculous that the app won’t function at all without a tracking link working.

I totally agree. I have been with SmartThings since the Kickerstarter days, and I am not just frustrated at this forced change, I am angry.

NONE of my SmartApps work (or will even allow me to edit or view settings) without crashing the app.

And no way of viewing the status of presence sensors? Seriously? How are simple things like this deprecated?

Samsung has trainwrecked what was once a great, superior platform.


Just got the banner to switch to new app today and lucky enough nothing happens to my new app settings since I’ve already migrated myself. Deleted the classic app.
Just hoping I could ever see the mobile presence status, why is it so hard to do this? I guess they never wanna go this? How am I going to trouble shoot automations based on mobile presence? By checking the history page? Are you nuts?!


I also just got the banner. I don’t have any routines, smart home monitor, or smart locks in the Classic app. However, I have some integrations which don’t have an interface in the new app yet. If I “migrate” will I be unable to access those in the classic app?

What integrations do you have that don’t appear in the new app?

All the custom Smartapps I have, they are still accessible from the Classic app but they are also in the new app and work.

Mainly the Ecobee suite. The devices show up in the new app and work but with very limited interfaces and functionality. The smartapp is probably fine.

I got the banner a few days ago and converted to the new app. It went completely smoothly but it’s likely because:

  • I have no ST Routines ( I DO use Alexa routines when possible)
  • I don’t use ST’s Lock Code Management (I use RBoy’s app and DTH)
  • I don’t use SHM at all (have a stand-alone monitored security system)
  • I only use webCoRE’s presence
  • I only use webCoRE for automations - I have about 50 pistons or so (many are 250 lines or more)
  • I haven’t loaded the new Alexa or Google services (I hear I should be waiting for the bugs to be worked out)

So, this transition phase to the new app was fairly easy for me. I know that during the next transition phase, webCoRE will quite possibly be a major issue for me as I use it exclusively (no Smart Lighting either). Hopefully, the replacement will be ready by then.


Got the banner yesterday. I’ve had the new app 6+mo’s now but never us it.
Is there a summary anywhere of what the “migration” does, or more importantly, doesn’t do?

Is the migration one-way (i.e. classic app won’t work anymore)?

I gather webcore still works but some pistons may need to be modified - are there guidelines on that anywhere?

Custom DTH’s work or no?

I’m OK with some pain/effort to migrate but would like to go into it knowing what works/doesn’t and reading this 1K+ thread to get that is not a BKM.

thanks anyone!

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So, on the advice of someone who knows far more about what’s going on then I do (Thanks @nathancu), I emailed to express my concerns about the transition and issues. The response is at the same time encouraging and also leaves me full of doubt. The exchange was:

I started getting the message to update to the new app. I’ve posted about this on the forums but wanted to send an email to support as well. The new app just doesn’t have the features I use in the old app. Mainly, it is missing favorites, and the tiles are black and white and don’t update with actions. Also, with a lot of custom DTH and code, that just doesn’t work right in the new app. I realize developers are working to update this, but it’s really holding me back from ditching the old app completely. Attached are two screenshots showing how my setup looks in old versus new. I would hope to see the new app have better features than the old, not abandon things that were working well. Also, I would love to be able to update my ZWave firmware on a bunch of my devices. Is that possible at some point? Other than that I really love Smarthings over Wink and glad I made the switch. Thanks!

Their response:

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

Thank you so much for loving SmartThings.

We understand your concern regarding features in the new SmartThings app compares to the Classic app. I look forward to helping you.

Allow Device Firmware Updates" is currently and has always been set to ON in the new app, if any new z-wave firmware updates or any new device updates are released, they will be updated automatically and processed automatically.

We would like to inform you that our teams are working on implementing new devices and features to the SmartThings new app, but we don’t have a timeline for when it will be released yet.

However, I’ll submit this as a feature request to our developer teams as feedback from our customers to let them know what users are waiting for and expecting in the next updates.

I’ll be making sure to reach out to our development teams with that feature request. I don’t know timelines for new integrations of SmartThings updates as this comes from the developer’s side, but the bit of good news I can give you is that the majority of these features are on our radar and we on the support team are looking out for every request to make sure this feedback is heard.

Once I submit this as a feature request, the developer team will review this ticket and see what users are expecting and waiting from SmartThings updates.

We feel like we’re on a good path to reach the functionality that you’re looking for, and I really appreciate your support for SmartThings upgrade and betterment.

We really appreciate your time and patience.

So, the fact they are forwarding this over to the developer team is encouraging, and I think goes to show anyone on here having issues needs to email support to open a ticket and make sure their problem is known. But the other part of this response shows the disconnect - Zigbee firmware updates are possible, but Zwave firmware updates are not. If support doesn’t even understand the difference between Zwave and Zigbee, that’s a problem to say the least.


Genuinely blown away by this, seriously? Mobile presence doesn’t show status in the new app? Are you kidding me?


In theory, my locks didnt convert as i was using lock manager from rboy (I reinstalled them and reconfigured them)

Presence sensors dont convert correctly … ie the rules for “thing start happening”, everyone has left, xx arives, converted actions to scenes and the checking to automations but the automatiions dont work with presence sensors/members. They said when unknown arrives etc.
You can edit them to use device control /presence sensor /arrived instead, but with the bug in the automations with the precondition not always being enforced you have to write new rules for the “when things start happening” one for each motion sensor.

Smart lighting rules also did not convert over and I had to redo those.

Also, I have found that if you are using any custom device handlers many will need to be modified to display the correct info in the dashboard and sometimes in the detail view.

so as it appears your mileage may vary

I just did the migration and it seems it pretty much blew up my home security system that I spent many hours and much $$ to perfect it over the past 5 years.

  • Smart Lock Guest access doesn’t have a way to stop push notifications. I had to delete it so I don’t get a notification everytime someone locks and unlocks the doors. I’ll have to reinstall it if I have to change pin codes for my Schlage smart locks.

  • My Iris keypad no longer works which is a huge inconvenience, especially for less tech savvy residents. The only way to arm and disarm the system now is by using an app on a device. The biggest drawback of this is, if my wifi goes down, my system is no longer stand alone. Essentially I have no way of controlling the burglar system when wifi goes offline.

  • “Action Tiles V6” is also dead. It was a really slick interface on a tablet that allows me to operate and monitor everything in the house, not just stuff attached to the alarm system. The Sonos system was controlled by Action Tiles too.

SpenT an hour on the phone with Cammie at Samsung tech support. Although she was trying her best, there is no resolution in sight for these things and I cannot seem to migrate back to the classic app.

Very disappointed in Samsung and their anti competitive tactics in rolling out this new app. I may be looking for a replacement for the hub now.

Has anyone solved some of these things?

FYI to those using webcore…

If you have any pistons calling routines or setting SHM status, you will need to update your pistons as they will cease to run properly after you migrate :slight_smile:


Thanks! I really appreciate that feedback.