Get Count of Selected devices

Is there an easy way to return a smart apps selected device count without having to do a settings.switches.size() on every type?

There isn’t

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Lol. Thanks Tim… I love it!
It doesn’t get more absolute than that :smiley:


It’s a bit of a hack but you can get settings.size() and substract the non device settings from that.

thank patrick. I did notice it returned a value. just never thought to subtract the other values

Thanks to @pstuart his idea sparked this which seems to work great when called by the smart app preferences.

Just figured I would post this for anyone who might need it in the future:

//Returns the applications currently selected device count
private def selectedDevCount() {
    def devList = [] 
    settings.each { item ->
        switch (item.key) {
  	//Add the settings labels you wish to exclude to the this array      
        case ["evtServerPath", "detailEvts", "enableEvtServer", "evtServerPort", "debugLogging", "evtServerUrl"]:
            for (rec in item.value) { 
    return devList.unique().size() ? devList.unique().size() : 0