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Geo Location with Life360

(Rick Johnson) #1

I’ve tried different apps that integrate with SmartThings Hub and have always had a problem with accuracy or not working at all. I’m using Life360. It’s free to download. When used with IFTTT I can control lights lock and unlock my front door and even use my wife’s location to do the same thing. So if anybody is having trouble setting this up I recommend Life360 and IFTTT. my two cents anyway if anybody’s interested


Life360 is very popular. :sunglasses: It also has an official integration, so you don’t need to use IFTTT unless you want to. It will simply show up in your list of presence sensors.

The main reason people don’t use life 360 is if they want more privacy. Life360 generally makes a lot of sense for family members, but maybe not so much for housemates or if you have a dog walker or cleaning service.

In that case, there are other alternatives as well. These are all discussed in the presence FAQ (this is a clickable link)