GE Zwave 2 lights dim but adding 3rd equals full brightness (no dim)

I have GE Zwave Dimmer 14294-2. When I have 2 lights on my circuit the switch will dim just fine as well as the ST app. But, when I introduce a 3rd light, all 3 lights go to max brightness and I can no longer dim. The circuit is parallel and I’m trying to install 6 dimmable leds. I also have a neutral hooked up. Anyone experienced this???

This sounds like an issue with your wiring… likely the 3rd bulb is parallel to the dimmer (not to the bulbs). I assume you can turn them off anymore?

I can still turn them on and off but cannot dim. I take the hot and neutral up to one of the lights and then branch off (black to black and neutral to neutrals and ground to grounds). Also doesn’t matter where I put light #2, in my 6 can configuration, it will always be dim. When I introduce light #3, again anywhere, they go to full brightness.

Then it sounds like you are doing everything right, very strange… my next guess is that it is the bulbs. Are they all the same? I don’t know if there is any electronic component in a dimable bulb but maybe its broken?

It was the bulbs! I was using Sylvania RT6 retros which worked great with my lutron maestro dimmer but are not playing well with the zwave. I went to Lowes tonight and bought 4 HALO LED retros and they’re working just fine. Now I need to go back and get 2 more. Thanks for your help Pizzinini!! Weird!!

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I have what seems to be the opposite problem. I have a set of overhead lights connected by a 3 way set up. The master and one of the add ons work great. The second add on will not function when the lights are set to full bright. When the lights are slightly dimmed the second add on will dim and brighten the lights not problem. When the lights are set to full bright the master and to first add on function properly. The second add on does nothing. Strangely, I can set the lights to full bright with the second add on but when I do it no longer functions. I replaced the second add on with a new switch, thinking the switch might be the problem but it did not work either. All the switches are wired per the instructions. It is as if the master does not respond to the second add on when the lights are on full. Any one want to have a slightly used add on switch?