GE Zigbee 3 way switch neutral run

I’m interested in hooking up a 45856GE and 12723GE in my home. The add on switch has a neutral available in the same electrical box, but the main switch needs to have a neutral added. There is another box near by that I can tap into, but it appears to be on a different breaker. Would this be a problem? What if I tapped both the hot and neutral from that box? Then, the add on switch neutral would be on a different breaker. Should I just abandon neutral all together and find a different switch?
I set up the KoF a while back, and I need something that won’t turn off to repeat zigbee for the fan to keep connected.

Questions like this should really be answered by a professional… You should consult an electrician and follow their recommendations.

What about a nice, simple, low cost solution? :wink: