GE Smart Motion Sensor Switch


I have just installed GE motion sensor switch and I have paired it with smartthings. I am only able to control it as a normal switch however. I have followed the instructions on adding the DTH to my smartthings account but it still is not working. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Did you follow the instructions and use the DTH on this page?

EDIT: I believe have had issues similar to what you describe as well. I believe removing and trying again (AFTER having installed the DTH) resolved the issue. If not mistaken, a symptom of the device being added improperly by ST is that the Raw Description is missing data (stuff set to zero). Mine looks like this:


I did follow those instructions. The DTH does show up in my device types online but when I add the switch, it automatically shows up as a regular switch. I’ll try deleting and re adding the DTH. I’ll look at the raw data too.


Im not sure why but there are no devices under the my devices tab in the IDE I have other devices that work fine.

Did you just upgrade from an ST login to a Samsung one? If so you are likely looking at the incorrect “Location”. Select the correct location in the IDE and all your devices should show up. If you added the custom DTH to the incorrect location, then you would likely see the issue you are describing.

Looks like you were right. I was in the wrong place. I added the DHT into the correct location. Would I have to re add the device because it did not change in the app

Manually change the type for the device to the custom one.

Sorry. I’m fairly new to this. How do you go about doing that?

Go to the device list, select the item, and change the Type drop down to the correct DTH. Here is mine as an example:

I don’t see that in type.

It would be at the very bottom if it’s added correctly

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That was it. I was looking alphabetically.

I finally have it up and running. Thank you all for your help.