GE Outdoor Z-Wave Plugs $22.79 @ Lowe's

The Lowe’s in Hibbing MN (12025 Highway 169, Hibbing, MN) has the GE Z-Wave Outdoor Plug for $22.79.
Just change your selected store, and you can order it and have it shipped! It may take a little scrolling to find. Ordered 2 myself, just shipped today. Great for Holiday Lights.

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Hmm, not working for me. I can see it at the $22.79 while the Hibbing, MN is set to my store. But it blocks parcel shipping while that store is selected. Whenever I change it to any of my local stores it reverts to the $39.49 price.


Sorry about that! Looks like Lowe’s blocked shipping.

I’m starting to think they ( Lowe’s ) is monitoring this forum. Seems as soon as somebody finds and posts something , they almost immediately disable shipping on it.

I have a couple of these unused, in the original packaging, that I do not anticipate using anytime soon. Anyone interested, make me a reasonable offer with in a personal message.y

I think they’re just correcting the error. I picked up 2 Schlage Connect locks for $27.25 each yesterday. Used a 15 off 50 code. Felt like I was stealing. They had 4. I went back to grab the other 2 an hour later and the price had gone back up.

If anybody does want a couple of these, I left a few of them from this guy on FleaBay for $20

As with anything from Fleabay remember to do a general ZW exclusion before trying to include it .


Everybody here probably already knows this, but I will just mention that GE/Jasco is updating what looks like almost their entire Z wave product line with zwave plus versions. That includes the outdoor plug-in. Descriptions are up on the official site, but you can’t buy them yet. I expect they’ll be out in a month or so.

That should mean lots of price drops on the current model, so just keep your eyes open. :sunglasses:

The only big difference with the Z wave plus model is it should have significantly longer range, which may mean you’ll be able to use it in a few more places.

For those interested, the new Z wave plus model is number 14311. Just certified in June, but not available to buy yet.


Has there been any news on whether or not the new stuff will have instant status update?

Doesn’t look like it. It’s the same command sets they were using in the previous model except for the Z wave plus network management. Limited use of Association, no hail, no central scenes.

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I picked up 4 of the GE indoor plug-in dimmer modules new on ebay a week or two ago for pretty cheap, new, sealed in-box. $23 each plus the guy threw in a free gift, which was a Fluke voltage detector, pen-like device.

No affiliation, I swear, but good guy who I recommend:

He still has more smart home stuff on ebay. Actually, I see he has my “free gift” listed for $20.