GE Outdoor plug - which DTH

I’ve got several of the GE Outdoor Switches (outlets).
Which Device Type Handler should they be using? Which DTH should they autodetect?
Device MSR code is 0063-4F50-3031

In Groovy i have one that is ZWave Generic Switch and one that is ZWave Generic Metering Switch… but only one shows Metering as a capabtility.

Do those even support metering? I have one that matches that fingerprint and I didn’t think it did. Maybe the newer ones do, so you might want to check if they’re all the same fingerprint.

Mine runs fine on Z-Wave Switch Generic. I don’t think they have any functionality beyond on/off, so just pick a stock DTH that runs local, makes the device turn on/off, and updates the app if you toggle the device with the physical button.

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I think ZWave Generic Switch is probably best and native, not sure why I have one of each type (may ahve been me monkeying around).