GE Motion Switch

I am fairly basic user of ST. I am looking for a validation on the following. I have an attached garage and would like to get alerted if motion was detected in the garage. (If someone pops the garage door or breaks-in the side door). If motion were detected when Smart Home Monitor is set to “arm”, it would turn on the overhead garage lights, which would in turn alert to my ST app and then also turn on the rest of the lights which I have setup via the smartlight bulbs. This would be similar to my door/window open close sensors, if someone trips a sensor, apprx 6 lights turn on in the house. and ST app alerts

I believe the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Light Switch 26931 would solve for this, in the event a motion is detected in garage, it would turn on overheard garage lights, alert of motion on my ST app and trigger the other lights to come on in the house. Can anyone confirm this is what would happen?

Apologies in advance if this is a noob question, but the forums have been a good resource for me in the past.

If you do go with that switch, head over to here for the official unoffical DTH for that device:

To answer your question, you can do this with any motion detector…the switch makes it easier to turn on the light as you would set it to “occupied” and when motion is detected, the light would come on. However, the other things you want (alert and other lights coming on) would have to be done with something like WebCore.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

@MichaelS Thanks for following up. So if motion is detected and I have my Smart Home Monitor set to arm, I would need something additional to alert me like this WebCore you mentiond?

I would have thought that when motion is detected, it would be similar to open/close sensor being tripped and result in alert within the ST app? While the garage lights turning on with motion is good, I would only want that to happen after a certain time of day (namely when Smart Home Monitor moves to armed) and more importantly would want it to alert my ST app on my phone. I am baffled that motion cant trigger an alert within Smart Home Monitor (SHM) if its set to armed.

Which app (ST) are you using? The legacy one or the newer (Samsung) version. You could probably set up a rule using the built in rule engine in the newer app so you are technically correct. Usually, however, to do multiple steps (results) from a single trigger, you need a more complex rules engine like WebCore.

Here is when my incompetence will show. I believe I am using the new one. The ST version I have on my Iphone is 2.18.1 (1449)

hehe…does the icon on your phone look like a single circle or a cluster of circles. It sounds like the legacy app:)

I have this one…


Guessing . I need this one.


Either way, I would have though the old app would have been able to facilitate, as its a basic rule.

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

I think either way you will want to invest some time into WebCore. In either ST app it will let you design some complex conditional actions.