GE Link Floods only flicker when dimming via ST app?

I’ve read about the issue some people have putting smart bulbs into dumb sockets with older dimmer switches, but I hadn’t heard of this.

When I use the wall dimmer I can get down to say 10% with no flickering at all. However if I’m using the ST app, with the “thing” open to dimming and move the sliders for these 4 all down, anything below 80% give unacceptable flickering.

What’s going on?

Is there one smart wall switch controlling 4 bulbs, or 4 smart wall switches each controlling one bulb? Or dumb switch/es?

Also, is the tile you’re moving the slider on for a wall switch or for the bulb itself?

If you’re using the app to control individual smart bulbs (not wall switches), then you should always leave the wall switch on the brightest setting and let the bulbs choose how much current to draw.

If it happens that the switch is set at 50% and then the bulb is controlled via app to 50%, the bulb is going to get confused and flickers are common.

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Scenario: One Dumb slider dimmer switch on wall controlling 4 Smart bulbs, set to highest setting. Controlling only through ST app. ‘Thing’ slider set at anything below 80%, flickers bulbs. (I was only comparing it to using the slider on the wall).

One way to test I guess is to swap wall dimmer for wall switch that would always give 100% power and see if digital dimming still results in issues. Is there any other ST app related fix?

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I would definitely not have the dimmer switch involved. Too much room for human error. Use a regular switch.

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Swapped for on/off switch and it works fine, no dimming. Thanks for helping me with a solution

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