GE Link Bulb: How to get the status updated to correctly reflect the state when manually turned ON?

I did (really I did) do a search but nothing really answered my question. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not able to get my bulb’s state to properly reflect in the app or IDE/Device events when manually turned ON.

I can understand the status not being right when the bulb is physically off, but wouldn’t the bulb “phone home” when manually turned on to let ST know its state? I tried the Refresh tile with the GE Link Bulb device type, but to no avail. I even tried Twack’s device type, but still no update after refreshing.

Am I missing something, or is that normal behavior? Also, here’s some detail on data I’m seeing in the events.

This is something that STs will need to update on their end i believe. STs will need to “listen” for the event being sent out. (if there is one at all…)

Maybe @urman can help answer this. :smile:

Thanks Tim. I submitted a support ticket as well.

I’ll look out for that ticket. Getting state when manually turned on is most likely possible. Getting state when it’s turned off at the switch is not.

Thanks @urman I appreciate your help on this. I completely understand and agree on the OFF state, but ON should be possible. Look for tickets 69306 and 71200.

I’ll be interested to see if this will work. I was trying to set up a “Pet Sitter” mode where if they turned the light on via the dumb wall switch, all the lights in our apartment would come on for a preset amount of time (like an hour) and automatically turn off. Even though I could see an event logged almost immediately when I turned the switch on, my app wouldn’t respond.

Of course the other problem I ended up having which killed the WAF is that at some point the GE Bulbs stopped responding to commands (probably after having been turned off at the switch for some time) and we had to drive home 30 min to turn them off since she was afraid of a fire given that they were in an enclosed ceiling fixture, which GE actually recommends against doing

@urman Couldn’t Smartthings periodically poll a GE Link bulb, and if ST gets absolutely no response, assume that the bulb is off at the switch and update the log? Obviously this would need to be a user-configurable option, but it seems like it could work for some the use cases here.

Thank you to the ST community for helping to put this together:

For those of you having issues with GE Link bulbs acting up, i may have just found a quick fix.

I was haivng trouble with two of mine and was doing everything not to have to remove and re-add them. I was doing every trci in the book. Power cycling things that didn’t even make sense to power cycle lol. Then i noticed that the icon for the device changed back to default.

I thought hmmmm thats weird. Thinking it could be a DB thing that could cause this i renamed the bulb. Boom it worked again immediately. Thought this was too good to be true… so i tried it on the next bulb… boom worked immediately.

Looks like some sort of DB issue im thinking. Hopefully it works as well for you as it did me!