GE/ Jasco 14294 smooth dimming to a specific level

(Alborz Amini) #1

It is about 2 years that I am working with different generations of GE z-wave dimmers. Coming from lighting background, from day 1 I felt the need for “smooth dimming to a specific level”. I tried the different Device handlers capable of double tap and etc…, but I couldn’t make this simple part working.
It seems the hardware capability is there because with normal on/off pushing it actually dims up and down smoothly, but not if we use “set level” in ST.
On the other hand, doing this through software and sending several commands with different set points does not seem very productive to me .

Any suggestion for this issue?

(John C) #2

This has been discussed several times in the forum in the past. Perhaps a search will turn up those discussions…

Essentially, you cannot depend on accurate timing when attempting to periodically send ‘set level’ commands, due to the ST architecture. However, if the dimmer itself supports this feature, it might be possible to ask the dimmer to ramp the lighting over time.

Perhaps others know additional details—I’ve never tried this myself…