GE Ceiling Fan Switch Custom Device Type - Low, Med, High buttons w/no slider!

I have logged out of the app and then closed it, could not clear the cache as I am on iOS, still no status displayed. Thanks for your work on this and let me know how else I can help you diagnose.

@SFAJeff and @johnosstyn, I updated the GitHub source to add OFF to the current speed tile, but for the life of me I have no idea why you don’t see anything in the tile. The only iOS device I have is an old iPad that won’t run the ST app. I know the two OS’s may render the tile differently, but I’m not sure what’s up.

@wackware, any idea? Could removing " , decoration: "flat" " from valueTile be the issue?

I cleared cache and now I get a status :smile: I’ll install the new device type and try that as well.

Excellent, glad to hear that worked.

Installed the updated device type and that works as well. Thank you again for sharing

@johnconstantelo - Unfortunately still not working for me. I tried updating the device type with the new code, logging out, closing and rebooting the phone. I also tried changing the device type on the fans back to “Dimmer”, deleting the My GE Fan device type and re-adding it. Unfortunately still no love.

@johnosstyn - I assume you are using android as you had the option to clear the cache?

Yes I’m on android. I didn’t realize you can’t clear cache on ios. Wonder if you uninstalled the Smartthing app and reinstalled if that would clear things up for you?

I unfortunately have a single wall switch that controls both the light and the fan. Is there any way to use this device to still control the fan with this type of setup? Does anyone know how the light would react?

I was thinking that if this fan controller does not affect the light (even though it is on the same power source) that I could then use one of those in-wall micro switches/dimmers that I connect directly to the light wires in the fan housing. But aside from this, I don’t know of any other ways to independently control the fan speed and light on/off without wiring in a 2nd wall switch (something that my apartment owner probably would not like).

I don’t want to purchase one until I know it won’t screw up my overhead light.

Hey @aroth89 - I have some experience installing these onto fans with the fan motor and light on a single load wire. Mine are Harbor Breeze models that have the light and fan controls on little RF remotes. Based on my experience, if I have the fan speed set to high I could turn the light on and off normally with the RF remote. If I have the fan speed set to medium or low, though, the light will flicker and make clicky noises. For me, the benefit of zwave control of fan speed greatly outweighed my loss of the use of the light (which I had never really used before anyway).

May not be the answer you wanted, but hope this helps.

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Just set up this device type, and found that there’s one tiny problem with it:

If this type is published for a person, it will become the default device type used for ANY z-wave dimmer switch added to the hub.

The reason is the fingerprint. ST’s default dimmer has the same fingerprint (just an incluster of 0x26) so the user-published one will take priority. Sadly, the GE fan control fingerprint doesn’t seem to have anything unique about it which would allow automatic selection.

Here’s the raw description of the GE 12724 dimmer compared to the raw desc of the GE 12730 fan control:

0 0 0x1101 0 0 0 5 0x26 0x27 0x70 0x86 0x72

0 0 0x1101 0 0 0 7 0x26 0x27 0x70 0x86 0x72 0x73 0x77

(The second one is the dimmer and I re-ordered the command classes to show that the 5 classes supported by the fan control are also in the dimmer.)

Being that we can’t change the ST default dimmer type (just looks for 0x26 in the class list), I’d suggest COMMENTING OUT the fingerprint line in the device type for the fan control. Doing so would result in a user having to manually assign the device type, but I suspect that would be better than having fan control types assigned to normal dimmers. :wink:

Take care


Awesome device type! thanks!!

For those who are having a problem with the speed not showing in the value tile, you might want to check the code, I had to add the variable in there myself, mine works now. I might have gotten an older version but if you change line 40 it should read: state (“default”, label:’${currentValue}’)

@Ders, that’s odd cause that’s the first time I’ve heard that issue come up. I just checked mine again and all is well.

Please don’t take my post the wrong way, I LOVE your device type, would have never been able to come up with that. like i said, i may have downloaded an older version, or it might just be specific to iOS. But that is the only thing I could do to get it to show status on my phone.

Thanks you for creating it.

No worries at all, and thanks. I remembered the other posts above, and I do believe it’s related to iOS but I didn’t know how to resolve. Sounds like you found it! I’ll go ahead and update the Github source. Thanks for your post.

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I’m having a slight problem where the speeds don’t seem right. LOW and MED seem to be the same speed for me (almost not moving) and HIGH is about where I’d expect low or Med to be.

I’m going to dig through the code but was curious if I was the odd one out on this.


It helps if you actually have the fan set to “full power” before trying to use the app. Human error on this one guys!

I’m new to SmartThings, so bear with me.

I have copied your code to a new Device Type, saved and published “for Me” in the developer website… It shows up in the “my Device Types”…

When I try to pair the Fan Swtich, it just defaults to a dimmer, and I don’t see your Low Med High Buttons…

Also, can this then be added to the Lights & Switches Shortcut page?

Really struggling with the whole customization thing…

Go back to the IDE and under the “My Devices” section, click on your fan. On the next page at the bottom, click “Edit” and you will be able to use a dropdown to choose the new DeviceType and save.

I think the fingerprint for this switch is too close to a generic zwave dimmer, and rather than have every new dimmer default to the fan DeviceType; the choice was made not to have the fingerprint default to the fan.

You should be able to add this to the Lights & Switches shortcut page. On the shortcut page, use the Gear icon at the top to add a new light/switch, and follow the prompts.

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@johnconstantelo @Sticks18


Thank you very much! The fan is working great now!

I appreciate your quick answer…


Sorry… Thanks to JohnC for writing this Device Type… The Family likes it much better than the simple Dimmer Gizmo!

@timj5150, no worries Tim. Work has been very hectic the last few weeks, so my replies are a bit delayed. Glad this worked out for you.

Has the coding for this been updated since the first post? I’d like to try this out, but I’d like the most current code if possible.